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  1. +1 Shandog is a perfect example of someone who deserves/can handle a kick rank
  2. Should probably close this out, seeing as it was pretty much denied.
  3. Honestly have't seen you in the cc yet, I'm sure you'll get the smiley
  4. lRicky


    Kil4host seems to be very active in discord and advertising but i don't think I've ever seen him talk in the clan chat. He might be more than qualified, but seeing as 3 bars can kick I'd love to see him actually interact more in the osrs community before being able to kick. The discord seems to be the only important thing these days and it's almost exclusively rs3, it isnt quite the same thing. Regardless good luck on the app!
  5. +1 Matt is an amazing pmod, rank, and friend. I could not imagine anyone that deserves this more than Matt.
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