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  1. +- 0 Staying neutral for now, as others have said there are things Meno has done behind the scenes that doesn't get a whole lot of attention/notice, In fact, I'll just be taking RWBY/Areolas's word for it that at the moment as I haven't heard or been involved with anything recently with Meno, but I have indeed tried helping him out in the past with stuff that never ended up being implemented, so I do know you have done behind the scenes stuff and have contributed to the community a lot in the past. On the negative side though I do have to agree with the lack of activity, a big part of the community these days is the actual interaction with the community, as without that there is no one around to appreciate other work that is done to improve it. I personally may have seen Meno on once or twice in the cc the past couple months, but I honestly couldn't say for sure. Discord activity is also very low, which I obviously appreciate you have mentioned in the app already at something your looking to improve on. I wouldn't be happy giving a +1 as of yet due to the inactivity. But with the work Meno has done in the past and may be doing now behind the scenes means he will not be getting a -1 from me. So neutral for now, but if we see a sharp rise in activity in discord and the cc itself over the next month or so, I'd happily change this to a +1
  2. JB87

    Hi all

    Sounds good bro Hopefully I'll see you around!
  3. JB87

    Hi all

    Welcome back man! I'm OSRS only myself but hopefully I see you about in the discord or something hope you enjoy coming back to the game and the community!
  4. Just an extra incentive to stop the rich bois spending 1b on 200m fletch for the 20m win: I will be adding an additional prize pool: 500k for the most xp gained in each individual skill! For those needing an example: whoever gains the most xp in Attack will win 500k, whoever gets the most Mining xp will win 500k, fishing xp wins 500k etc. So that's an extra 500k x23 skills to win! That's a fat prize pool now
  5. Should be a fun one boys, make sure to let as many people as poss know before it starts! More people the more intense the comp will be! Good luck to all!
  6. Have updated mine sammy good suggestion
  7. ^ exactly the thing I was thinking, thanks Capone for putting that together as I was too lazy to do it myself
  8. Jumping off of King Capone's suggestions, I think having a couple random stats to state would be cool, such as "It takes precisely 53,000 (whatever it is) dragon bones to hit 99 prayer on our gilded altars!" Stuff like that would be cool I think
  9. All looks pretty good, much better than the old applications imo, I Agree the activity scores could be higher, and agree that I don't think there will be any major competition, and if there is a small amount, that can only encourage people to be updating the host tracker more often, which I can't see being a bad thing. Me and Tify are I believe topping the activity scores and we both play at the same time more or less, so there shouldn't be an issue with people not being able to get the score. I am obviously not high enough to be at the bronze and silver stars yet, but I think 8 Months and 2 Years seem a fair amount of time, not too long, but not too short either. As these ranks from what I see are supposed to be for the ranks that have been around longer and should be looked up to Every thing else I think looks good and fair good jobs guys
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