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  1. Glad to see everyone agrees, shan has been a fantastic smiley for a while now, I think everyone has covered above why he'll be a great 3 bar. Keep it up shan! Ez +1
  2. JB87


    ^ I do believe kil has been quite active in the cc recently (ive had a few convos with him in the cc this past week so don't think this should be an issue. Kil really does nail what he is doing for the community at the moment and I really don't want you to be discouraged at all. My only point about the time was really in the spirit of making things fair for everyone, if we have pushed others to hit the reqs before it wouldn't be fair on them if we ignored them for certain people, like I said once the time req has been met kil should 110% get 3 bar, he really has earnt it. Kil, you're doing a great job, as I saod before keep it up and you'll get the rank
  3. Good cc member active in discord as well, all around nice dude to chat with +1
  4. Honestly haven't seen a huge amount of you around, but the times I have seen and interacted with you has been pleasant +1 from me if others are happy with it
  5. JB87


    I'm gunna agree for all of the above, really goes above and beyond when it comes to the hosting and advertising side of things in the community, as well as a real decent dude! However I am also going to have to agree that 18 days since your last approval just isn't quite enough time yet... it's not a bad thing, a lot of us have put in early apps in the past (myself included). Once the time requirement has been met this will 110% be a +1 from me Keep up the good work dude! The rank will come
  6. +1 nice guy and consistent host, would like to see you talk more in the cc though! get Involved
  7. Also not seen a whole lot but of what I havs seen has been pleasant, will join the majority for that +1
  8. lol didn't notice this was Host Isle +1 from me, hosts regularly and always willing to cover Yan when no hosts with little notice, as well as being a regular and friendly face in the cc recently
  9. +1 Matt is an amazing pmod, rank, and friend. I could not imagine anyone that deserves this more than Matt. Legit though the only thing I would have bought up is hitting that HHT activity score but he makes a great point about it and as others have stated, makes up for it in many other ways. PS plz dont report for ahk script
  10. Have updated mine sammy good suggestion
  11. ^ exactly the thing I was thinking, thanks Capone for putting that together as I was too lazy to do it myself
  12. Jumping off of King Capone's suggestions, I think having a couple random stats to state would be cool, such as "It takes precisely 53,000 (whatever it is) dragon bones to hit 99 prayer on our gilded altars!" Stuff like that would be cool I think
  13. All looks pretty good, much better than the old applications imo, I Agree the activity scores could be higher, and agree that I don't think there will be any major competition, and if there is a small amount, that can only encourage people to be updating the host tracker more often, which I can't see being a bad thing. Me and Tify are I believe topping the activity scores and we both play at the same time more or less, so there shouldn't be an issue with people not being able to get the score. I am obviously not high enough to be at the bronze and silver stars yet, but I think 8 Months and 2 Years seem a fair amount of time, not too long, but not too short either. As these ranks from what I see are supposed to be for the ranks that have been around longer and should be looked up to Every thing else I think looks good and fair good jobs guys
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