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  1. I'm gunna have to leave mine at a +-0 still as honestly I just haven't seen much of you recently, must be slightly different playtimes, but I'm happy to side with others who have seen you more if they say you've improved I'm happy with that
  2. +1 now ive seen more of him He's been putting in the effort for sure
  3. Haven't seen a whole lot of him myself, but when I have I haven't seen anything bad, seems friendly, will follow the crowd of people who have seen more of him and go for a +1
  4. Totally understand dude, like i said they may just happen to be the times when your about to get off so not as chatty, hard tot tell but that is just what I've seen on my end hence the neutral response can let the others who are on more at your time respond
  5. Oh man I did kinda avoid this thread when it first popped up as I had a feeling there might be mixed opinions on here. I'm going to have to put mine in as a +-0 for you B0w, sorry dude... just from what I've seen on my end, people are welcome to disagree with me. I personally haven't seen much of b0w, and when I have seen him in the cc I haven't heard much. The times I have spoke with the guy he is super nice and couldn't say a bad thing about him, but when it comes to cc activity itself, I just haven't seen enough to warrant a silver star. People saying other silver's aren't very active, I find Lusfr and Areolas 2 good examples to prove that statement wrong, as they are both very active in the cc when they are on, they moderate the cc very well, they host when it's needed, both have high scores on the HHT, and they are just as welcoming, friendly and helpful as b0w. From what I've seen on a cc side of things, b0w hasn't quite got there to match these two. People who are saying these PK or bossing trips are not just for friends, from where I'm looking I have yet to hear of any event like this coming from b0ws part that's been advertised in the cc or discord, maybe I'm just missing them, but I'd like to think I'm pretty active in the cc when I am on. As for people slating that requirements are measure more strongly for certain people than others, I'm inclined to agree with Altar and Jal on this one, I haven't seen this anywhere? The only 3 examples of this coming into question is this application, Matt's and Fried Fish's, which have all been answered in the same way: "That these applications have not yet met the requirements for this rank, will keep it open as it will most likely get approved once the requirements from this person are met, or close enough). It is also noticeable that some people do seem to get a bit more hotheaded for certain peoples (more so friends) rank applications, and that anything said against them is actually met with quite a bit of hostility. (btw guys they added "post as anonymous" at the bottom of your replies if you want in future). Anyway, just my opinion from what I've seen, maybe I've been on at wrong times for when b0w is active in the cc (although I've definitely been playing at the same time as him). Like I did say though the times I have had conversations with b0w he has been real cool, nice guy, and I wouldn't be far off a +1, I just find if your comparing to some silver ranks (not all) then he just doesn't match them, not necessarily for HHT usage etc. just in general activity.
  6. +- 0 like others have said haven't seen enough of you to comment yet, will come back to this when I have seen more
  7. +1 for all the above reasons, don't think I can add to what others have said deserves it
  8. +1 Matt is an amazing pmod, rank, and friend. I could not imagine anyone that deserves this more than Matt. Legit though the only thing I would have bought up is hitting that HHT activity score but he makes a great point about it and as others have stated, makes up for it in many other ways. PS plz dont report for ahk script
  9. Feel like my comment about time spent seems to have sparked some arguments. Would like to clarify by what I meant, I did mess up by giving a +-0 because of that reason though. I was just following up on when Altar said to check people are actually meeting the requirements they state in their application, In which this one did not. I did say that I would be happy for a +1 as long as the Admins are happy with it. So I'll be changing mine to a +1 based on what I said at first. Fish is an awesome helper who is going above and beyond and I do think he will make a great 3 bar when he gets there.
  10. +- 0 I think Fried fish is an awesome dude, I can see people love him in the cc chat and is really positive. Also very good at stopping the conversation leaning towards dodgy topics that usually get heated. He is also very helpful with answering questions, updating the HHT when he is on, and telling people who is hosting in the cc when asked. He is also very calm and I think would make a good kick rank to be honest. Maybe double check up on the rules for kicking as you I noticed the "3 warnings" we generally like to give before a kick (unless being an obvious troll/scammer bot) wasn't mentioned in your application. I think you do understand it though and that's honestly not my main reason for not giving you a +1. Only reason I have this as a neutral for now, is that I can see you account has only been around since Feb 13th, which is certainly not 2 months and have only been a helper rank for about 5 weeks. I'm sure you've been around in the cc longer than this forum account. But I think it just needs a little bit more time. Keep doing what your doing though and I think once the Admins are happy with the time spent I think you deserve your +1
  11. -1 rarely see him on but when I do its always trolling/nothing helpful, would not recommend
  12. I'd like to give ilvl magic a +1, generally active and friendly guy in the cc and does answer questions from what i've seen :), agree though try helping out with whose hosting and being active in the discord too. but no reason for you to not have smiley rank keep it up
  13. +- 0 for now, like Qin said, have seen you around a little here and there, but not answering questions or anything like that. Not that just chatting is a bad thing, keep that up but does not warrant a helper rank just yet without actually "helping" the community, if that makes sense. Once I see more helping I'd be more than happy to come back and give this a +1 keep it up
  14. Have updated mine sammy good suggestion
  15. ^ exactly the thing I was thinking, thanks Capone for putting that together as I was too lazy to do it myself
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