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  1. I'm not a fan of how black and white the whole +/-1 thing is because on one end it's total support and on the other its just a no. But I feel like a rank up just isn't appropriate because of how early past the 4+ month minimum it is. I feel that we are going to see a wave of these Lieutenant applications because of the change that made it smiley -> 3 bar and most of them just shouldn't happen only because I feel that Lieutenant is more than just a vanity/kick rank, it is the first step of becoming a pillar of the community. It is great that you help out in the chat and deal with the seemingly endless daily bait, and that you update the tracker. But that's what a 3 bar does. This is also sorta what I wanted to post in Matt's application but I'm just gonna only say it here. This may be a fairly unpopular opinion but I needed to say it. Gonna be a -1 for now, keep up the good work though Meno. What you do in the CC is great.
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