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  1. -1 I don't often see Meno in Discord or the clan chat; in the past 2 months, I have maybe seen Meno in the cc at most five times. I acknowledge that we may just play the game at different times so others can weigh in on Meno's activity if they so choose. I also acknowledge that Meno does A LOT behind the scenes for the CC and I am grateful for it but I am still going to -1. I am partially giving a -1 because of Meno's comments in his application, partially due to inactivity. "clear and consistent guidelines is something the community could do better. Whether this is related to moderation, rank-ups, or social activites, I believe that the community can really improve on this. Not necessarily only through change of action, but by better communication, both within and outside the ranks." We already do this well and have been doing a really good job of it recently, so much so that it has been mentioned at the last two community meetings. This statement surprised me because in the last two community meetings we discussed moderation and how to maintain uniformity in the enforcement of the cc rules, from discussing how to handle drug talk (and how different drug discussions deserve different considerations when moderating, ex. marijuana vs. heroin) to how to handle certain inappropriate usernames. I cant recall any argument between ranks regarding moderation techniques in the past couples months either, while there used to be many arguments when I was a 1bar and for part of my time as a 3bar. We do a really great job nowadays of listening to the opinions of other ranks and working together to confront issues, and I don't agree with Meno's opinion relating to consistent guidelines, moderation, rank-ups, or social activities. I understand that this is simply opinion vs. opinion. "None of the goals that I want to accomplish necessarily require Captain rank, but I believe that it would be a stepping stone towards greater change. One of the things I'd like to contribute heavily towards is more clan events. This could be as little as meeting up in voice chat for some games, or managing and planning raids for and with the CC." I do not believe that rank-ups need to be necessary for them to happen, so that I'm not worried about. However, I dont really see why a rank-up would be appropriate here based on the above quote. If Meno would like to contribute to the community more, we shouldn't preemptively give Meno a rank-up because he intends to do more for the community, we should give a rank-up once it actually occurs. This is not to say that the future contribution wont occur, but what I am saying is that giving a rank-up based on planned future activity is not proper.
  2. +1 if this dude is who he says he is. We could use another website admin.
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