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  1. Shandog


    I believe Goobs can be a good rank, but not at this time. I see that he is currently working on being more helpful when others ask questions in chat, but he is still causing some problems with others in chat. Keep working on it Goobs! For now I will have to give you a -1.
  2. I'm gonna have to give a +0 because of the House Tracker and hosting. I haven't seen much of B0w on the discord and unlike current silver stars, I haven't seen him hosting during the times that we have been online at the same time. Monitoring the cc is an important part of being a rank, but hosting is also a large part of it.
  3. +1 Very helpful in the cc when people ask questions and kind to others. On often and will do host checks as well as ask for someone to host when there is no host left.
  4. +/- 0 I haven't seen April on except for a few minutes where it was to show they made an Iron account as well.
  5. Slayr has been active in the cc for awhile. He has been kind of a troll, with his "no 99 no gz" that has become an ongoing joke between a few of us and will stop if someone asks him too. He is always engaging in conversation and trying to make the cc a fun place to be.
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