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  1. +1 Meno is always being helpful in the cc and is someone who is able to answer questions people have with ease. Always a positive person to have in the cc. I believe he deserves this rank up, so that he may continue to do "monkey see, monkey do" with a higher rank so that it has even more meaning to the newer people in the cc that the ranks care about them.
  2. Forums are pretty dead, Discord is pretty active tho! The clan chat in game is almost always active as well.
  3. Neutral for now, haven’t seen you in CC, I will keep an eye out for your name tho— currently on mobile so haven’t been watching CC as closely
  4. Slayr has been active in the cc for awhile. He has been kind of a troll, with his "no 99 no gz" that has become an ongoing joke between a few of us and will stop if someone asks him too. He is always engaging in conversation and trying to make the cc a fun place to be.
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