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Ninja Serhat

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  1. Greetings, My name is Ninja Serhat, i playing runescape since 2001/2 Yeah i know its a long journey but hey. I still love Runescape. I started runescape when i was a kid but now i am 26 and still playing. Ofcourse i am a member, cmon a true hero is a member. and if you arent! than you are just a kid in my eyes. *laughs* I am from Turkey but living in Netherlants, mostly i am in dutch servers but i am always in the midnight in world 31. Why i joined Altar friendslist en clan? Because Altar is the same as me, old and still alive. and still on a journey. My real name is serhat but you guys can call me Ser/Serhos/Ninja or Serhat. i prefer Serhat or ninja. In the real world i am still a student and got a job. If you got questions, ask it, dont be a shy person. Greetings, Ninja Serhat
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