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    I'm Matt . Age : 25 From Canada : Activities Hockey, Soccer , Volleyball , Snowboarding & other shit. Things I like to do for fun: Partying + Gaming + Music Movies + Tv Shows :) Likes: Caring For Others Making Others Happy. Observing Things And Meaningful Conversations Dislikes: Liars, Selfish People, Careless People Constant Rudeness/Drama

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  1. I been a Rs3 host since *2015 back when I took on Zfr and I spoke out for the community

    against him.*

    Now I'm speaking on behalf of myself from my ban from discord I has absolutely get no 

    respect anymore sometimes it seems ever since my ban dc.

    There's been new rules I get it not everybody gonna
    like each other or get along with especially with my behavior sometimes
    & sometime people being hypocritical to make me act out da way I do or it's just myself* 

    I'll own up to everything I has my own personal issue's to so sorry to everyone
    who had to put up with me that is on me even tho I'm am very kind and generous.


    I am asking for is to be un-ban from discord can mute me from vc all channels as long as

    at least get to do my job hosting & adv for the community please nd thank u.

    1. Midi


      I don't believe there has been a change in behaviour from yourself, if there has I haven't seen it personally. I believe second chances do exist but an improvement will have to be noted first. I'm pretty sure that a week or two ago when I was hosting in OSRS you came in and started tele other'ing me whilst I was hosting utilising either numerous alts or an alt and a few friends. You didn't do it to any of the other open hosts so I'm not sure if you were just targeting the ranked members of the FC or if I was just luck of the draw. 

      The consistent drama and shit that starts with how you speak about select ranks of the fc to other hosts is also concerning, Whilst admittedly I haven't heard of it happening in the past week or so it was still a regular occurrence.


      End of the day there will need to be a notable improvement from yourself before your ban is revoked in discord in my opinion.

    2. Aryas


      ya can ask Sparty she's been noticing good behavior from me haven't even been

      drinking for while which is good at least.

      I was never in OSRS or hasn't targeted people If I wanted to say something
      I'd say it to the person
      I'm talking to personally even tho sometimes I do have a low low self -e steam issues and
      like a week or 2 ago 4thnkin or of trolls - and Wildest targeted me when i was hosting as well
      he said something about Skye I lost my sht at them.
      They said about going after Roxcy or something in Osrs.

      They asked me to join them and I revoked as much as I use to be upset at being kicked from discord a while back I didn't side with them they said would ruin me 

      I was the one who ruined myself anyhow in the first place.
      I would never troll other hosts in game worst all I can do is use words and say how i feel
      if i'm upset sometimes it fires back at me
      bcus of my own actions rather u believe me or not that is fully up to you.

      Those trolls in fc when some of those comments I think were directed at me idk why
      if it was guess I deserved it anyhow thxs to u nd skye fo kicking em.



  2. Lmfao it's because I saw your name when I was typing it and haha! I was like let's Ffs I just notice my screw up I changed it because I just saw Tify's name above when I was commenting welcome and I got names mixed myself up! than got the name mixed up around o"wells lol" sorry about the Skye
  3. Rsn: Aryas Irl Name: Matt From: Canada " I'm 25 " W31 Host - Adv - Community halper - for 5+ yrs Activities: Hockey , Soccer , Volleyball , Snowboarding & Other Shit Things I like To Do For Fun Partying + Gaming + Music + Movies + Tv Shows. Likes: Caring For Others Making Others Happy. Observing Things And Meaningful Conversations Dislikes: Lairs, Selfish People, Careless People Constant Rudeness/Drama
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