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  1. Good summary, thanks for recapping once again.
  2. This might be a pain to introduce but what if rather than having a static X amount of activity score I'd like to see a activity score over time. Such as activity score per day over a set amount of time, I realise that not a lot of people like playing during the weekdays etc but for consistency's sake I feel like it's better. Currently you can easily get 30-50+ activity score in a single day if you pay close attention to hosts changing and such. Otherwise I really like the new ranking system, gives clear advice to ranks striving towards a +1 since they can see what they need to improve about themselves in order to deserve the rankup.
  3. Looks very good to me. More outlined and specified 'requirements' help the people who want to apply for rank but aren't quite sure what they need to do in order to deserve it. In comparison to the old system it seems a lot more serious, I mean in the old one we literally had 'if bigcock420...' and while it's just to set an example for a situation it felt to me like we weren't taking it serious.
  4. I miss you my friend. Honoring you by doing blood runes tho.
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