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  1. I have noticed the last few days NPH was always there to host when needed! +1
  2. You are very active. I have noticed. But you don't meet the HHT score requirement. It's the perfect time right now to improve your score! I'm unsure why your answer would be no. Can you explain? Neutral I will gladly change my vote if you get your HHT score up and explain your answer to the question above.
  3. Who are you requesting to be Deranked? Nahoo What is this player's current rank? Sergeant Based on the severity of their behavior, do you believe this player should be demoted one tier, have kick rank removed, or be deranked entirely? Deranked Entirely Global Rules - Which of the following Altar Community Rules do you believe this player has broken? None of the above. (Select this if this application is being filled out due to inactivity) If any of the above rules were selected, please elaborate and provide evidence as to how you believe the rule was broken. She did not break any rules. She is just not active. Inactivity - Has this player been inactive for 4 months or more? Yes If yes, please state the last date you believe this rank was active. 03/12/18 Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share regarding this rank's behavior in the community? I have seen her a few times the past year or so and she just joins the fc to say hi then she leaves shortly after. She is not active the the Altar community.
  4. +1 I have not seen not paper since 2017 also.
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