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  1. There are many guides on the forums here, Please allow me to link you with one such resource. If you require further help, I am available on discord as well Tify#8245 or in game rsn: Tify
  2. @Magiq @Warrior @Altar please update this ASAP, recruit/corporal no longer exist. thought we updated this already?
  3. Welcome to the community @LastSong If you need anything just find us in the chat in-game or in discord.
  4. Join Friend's Chat "Altar" for pretty much everything you'll ever need ? Friendly hosts, pvm, banter and more at -> 'Altar' Chat
  5. This post has been noted, and Altar Community Management will be taking a look at the situation, and will respond pending review.
  6. Great update, can't wait. so excited to see the new system rolled out ! Any questions/comments? Reach out to an Admin on discord, or the names listed above in the OP.
  7. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this post.
  8. Rip for respects boys
  9. Thanks @Qiniang for taking the time to read and reply to this post.
  10. In Reply to @Scuba Steev's feedback... I'd agree, I think having 2 years for Captain seems fine. Especially if 8 Months is the Lt requirement. As for activity distributed through different timezones within altar community requiring host tracker activity, I believe it to be the job of the Community Ranks to Recruit and promote community growth, this includes vying for hosts or grooming ranks in different timezones as well. If you are noticing a lack of flow throughout a particular timeperiod, please make note of it in the Osrs/Rs3 rank chats, respectively on discord, or here on the forums so we can begin to formulate and apply a solution! (which imo is always recruiting!) I believe 3bar is indeed meant to be a kick-rank. I'd agree listing multiple names would be fine , if multiple ranks had recommended the player. Not sure how you'd propose to track the "selection box that somehow pertains to kicking spammers.. etc" but if you have ideas, please share what you have in mind ! Totally agree, there have been many recent instances of ranks, even kick ranks, engaging in behavior or conversations that would be patently against the Altar Community Code of Conduct. (found here) To combat this, we are brainstorming implementing a Derank System as well on the Community Forum. News will follow pending development. Thanks for all your hard work and support steev! Really nice to have some solid ranks picking up the slack in osrs.
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