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  1. +1 very active and kind in the community.
  2. you should hop in the discord and hang with us so we can get to know you better. would love to chat with you
  3. Wow, I just realized how many typos i had in those two sentences earlier. reeeeeeee
  4. Although i have seen you working hard in the cc. Ill be honest i do not think it is enough to warrant a captain rank. Id prefer to stay neutral on this application though because maybe others feel different on this subject.
  5. Not sure whether he has actually been in the community for 8 months or not but considering i have not been playing osrs for that long he probably has and i just did not realize it, but he is definitely a great rank and i agree with giving him bronze star for sure. +1
  6. +1 Ill be honest i see this guy in the cc almost everyday and he does help out quite a bit. Although his time in the community may be short his effort can be clearly seen and should be awarded.
  7. April is the a good idea to rank up in this cc and although sometimes say inappropriate things and should stop that, his consistency in staying in this community alone should warrant attention. +1
  8. Ayyy wassup love help hope you enjoy the community m8 <3
  9. id like to just state that the woodcutting guild teleport and then using the short cut across the river is decent for the kourend herb patch
  10. thanks and unfortunately only 2 as well
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