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    Was a Sergeant rank in the Altar FC. I Host when needed and hangout and moderate in the FC.

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  1. btw, like it says there, my RSN is "Sumati" lol been on the forums for years and my name is stuck like that. sorry
  2. i've never seen this player. If youre just getting back into the game, i'd like to see a longer and more regular of a presence from you. although i may just be on a different time schedule than you but judging from other responses, you havent been back and present in the community enough yet.
  3. Your display name: Sumati Have you achieved 50+ Activity Score on the House Host Tracker? Yes Have you been active in Altar FC Community for 2+ months? Yes Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice? Yes Have you provided consistent and constructive feedback on other players' applications? Yes Have you recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker? Yes Have you helped others in chat, called open hosts, and understood efficient moderation techniques? Yes What interested you in wanting to become an Altar FC Community Sergeant? Been here for a very long time, was a lieut rank a while back and just looking to get back into it as i have spare time and enjoy engaging with the community What can you do to improve the clan/yourself as a member of the Altar FC Community? im always engaging with the community as well as assisting others, be it new hosts, new people to altars, or dissolving issues. Scenario Question: If you are witnessing a player arguing with other members within the community, how would you effectively tackle the situation? attempt to diffuse the situation by calmly trying to stop it from progressing in the fc, if that attempt fails, private message one of them, or both, to attempt to dissolve it. when all else fails, ask them to stop talking about it in the fc and to message eachother. a kick is a last resort when a problem clearly is not stopping despite many efforts Please share any feedback you have. I've been with the community for a long time, on and off. and enjoy playing and engaging with the community. would be nice to be back in the saddle and to be a greater asset for the fc and my friends of altar community as a whole.
  4. oh im banned.... this kinda hurts tbh.
  5. aw heck frick... its fricken heck in frick. suhhhhh bish. whalecum to the phoreoms
  6. nope. that sounds fuckin sweet thoooo
  7. woah. coke on a rope smokin dope
  8. good to know. tell me about the world of runescape. but keep the posts short. long texts scare me
  9. why did you choose the name "grism" whats it mean
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