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  1. Thanks man! I’m also on OSRS if it’s a slow day at work and I got the battery for it (mobile). Discord is always open and I tend to check all channels
  2. Hi all! Some may know me, some do not. I just wanted to praise the ones continuing this community after all these years! Big thanks? This time I will be starting a "new" F2P RS3 account, but after I've done all free quests I will subscribe and will help with the citadel etc. If there has been any drastic changes during the last 2 years I hope someone can give me some highlights I hope I am still welcome back and hopefully someone remembers me! Best Regards S (In hindsight this post should be in another section, feel free to move it)
  3. Awesome! I hope we can get ranks to do this and let the people know. It would be awesome "tagging" ranks so they wont miss important things
  4. Hi all Just a quick suggestion, maybe all ranks could add @rank in their highlighted text plugin? Since most of us uses OSB and Runelite already. ( Is it a pro plugin?) As shown below my name is highlighted. Just a quick thought and wanted feedback on it, it should ease the load on rank PM/private chat for general matters.
  5. As my activity shows, or rather inactivity, my interest for RS has plummeted. I wont be writing a toast and I hope I dont disappoint anyone, but I have other cases in life that needs more attention. I wish you all luck! I'd like to stick around in the discord if possible and do the occasionally photoshop request if needed
  6. Well, apparently Jagex will freeze my account until this payment stuff is settled. PayPal has taken money from my bank but Jagex has not recieved anything.. Warning message when you want help on the transaction on PayPal. I have been in contact with Mod Loopey but no solution.
  7. Yeah, I'm heading out on a plane in an hour and just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I will be away from my pc for atleast a week, but discord on my phone works if needed!
  8. Lets keep it to ranked hosts? Id like to see active hosts get rank quick if they follow rules
  9. So thats a green light to do, lets say 2-300 d bones, giveaway then? I was thinking more of a guess a number between 1-100 and the one getting it right will recieve? Need some creative ways to do this guys. Tips?
  10. I was thinking about giveaway for the ones training in said hosts house, not hosts themselves
  11. Small fun events in hosts home would go a long way! Cheap and noticeable. Bonds is a bit overkill for often giveaway(?), but maybe some bones since we after all main prayer xp?
  12. Hi fellas I couldnt find a post like this but it seems like we have a need to attract hosts so I would love to make a thread with suggestions from everyone! I was thinking along the lines of hosts are ranked (already talked a lot about) and how about a monthly bond giveaway for active hosts? Dry of ideas atm but I wanted to start the post atleast and I might edit it later. Infest the comment section with ideas and thoughts
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