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    Hi guys, I'm Rids - previously Pastors, ready to come back and be a part of the team again.

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  1. Hello everyone! My name is Pastors, but currently Rids in-game! I have been a long-time member of this community every since OSRS came out! I hope to reunite with some of the other veterans and meet a lot of these new faces I've seen. I hold a decent amount of knowledge about hosting an altar among other POH updates that were recently added to the game. I can also answer any prayer questions as well. I'm coming back due to always thinking about how I have missed the Altar community and I'd like to do my part again and help the community inside and out. I hope to see all of you guys in the near future! Some more about me: I'm 25, I have two cute puppies and a pretty rad girlfriend. I'm also a truck driver(boring and lame) but it pays the bills. You'll see me in Discord often! Send me a message or hit me up on a voice server so I can get to know all of you!
  2. I'm just not sure if people are aware that is something they can find in our cc. So, yeah we need to stress bonerunners and maybe even advertisers. Just like the original Altar fc on Rs3. They were or are just more of a necessity on Rs3 which is why I'm sure not many people do it, but if they knew the rewards from doing it. Possible rank, easy gold, easy reputation. They might be more down to do it.
  3. King Shujin has been hosting in Rimmington for a few days now. I noticed people were referring to King Shujin's cc, so I investigated. He's starting his own cc for bonerunners and using our cc's for its gain. His portal adverts also invite people into his cc. I don't think a ban is necessary, unless others do, but I feel as if he shouldn't be advertised in the cc. This also makes me feel like we should focus more on the services in the cc, which we can talk about later.
  4. I see where you're coming from, BUT! I don't see a problem for those who want to reside in the cc to enjoy the every day conversation because we aren't only offering a service, we're also an active community. Some hosts aren't ranked and it could cause some ill feelings if they get kicked for training something other than prayer or not hosting. There's always a great amount of offworlders that once kicked give us enough room. Just my two cents
  5. What hosts do we currently have active on discord? I'm one. chey is one
  6. ya boy pastors is getting 99 magic tonight, so.. imma drop some stuff in my poh at that time. Probably around 10-11pm central time, ya dig? Cool, cool. Show up!
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