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    I'm in my 20s and I am born/living in Australia. I have a lebanese background. My first real life name is Hussein, and I'm currently at university studying Information, Communications and Technology, which is essentially all computer related. In my family, I have 1 younger brother and sister, and 2 older sisters. I work part time as customer service in a popular supermarket. My hobbies besides OSRS/RS3, are watching TV show series on Netflix, watching streams on Twitch, watching movies in general as well as playing games such as Halo and Zelda series.

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  1. Hi, You have recently been deranked from smiley. You have 0 activity score on the HHT, so why have you answered yes to the question? With regards to the other questions, if you haven't done anything for the HHT other than verify as a host, how is it possible that you recruited/assisted other hosts in using it?
  2. Updated as of 15/02/19.
  3. Prayer Calculator for OSRS Notes: Credit to @Im Dakota for helping me out with making this calculator functional. You can choose to do either Current Level or Current XP, and either Level Goal or XP Goal. Level 127 is 200M XP for this calculator. More features will be added in the nearby future. Current Level: Current XP: Level Goal: XP Goal: Prayer Method: Gilded Altar (x3.5) Chaos Altar (x3.5) Ectofuntus (x4.0) Submit Reset XP Difference: Total Bones: (excludes Saved Bones) Saved Bones (Average): #submitbutton { display: inline-block; padding: 5px 10px; font-size: 14px; cursor: pointer; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; outline: none; color: #fff; background-color: blue; border: none; border-radius: 15px; box-shadow: 0 5px #999; } #submitbutton:hover { background-color: #3e8e41; } #submitbutton:active { background-color: #3e8e41; box-shadow: 0 5px #666; transform: translateY(4px); } #resetbutton { display: inline-block; padding: 5px 10px; font-size: 14px; cursor: pointer; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; outline: none; color: #fff; background-color: green; border: none; border-radius: 15px; box-shadow: 0 5px #999; } #resetbutton:hover { background-color: #3e8e41; } #resetbutton:active { background-color: #3e8e41; box-shadow: 0 5px #666; transform: translateY(4px); } #methods{ width: 170px; } #bonesresult{ height: 386px; width: 200px; resize: none; } #savedbones{ width: 200px; height: 386px; resize: none; } #result{ width: 200px; }
  4. Updated as of 06/02/19.
  5. Hi all, Host tables have now been fixed on the Portal page https://www.altar.rs The code just needed some slight editing. If you still have trouble viewing them, clear your website cache on your PC and/or mobile. The new code has also been updated on the Forums page. Page loading times may have decreased as a result of this change. ?
  6. Yeah, no worries @Tify @Baby Drumgun @Midastku ?
  7. @Tify Thanks for reminding me Updated as of 28/01/19.
  8. @Tify Thanks for reminding me Updated as of 28/01/19.
  9. No worries Tify
  10. Altar FC Ranking System & Rank Moderation Techniques Introduction Welcome everyone to this guide! Interested in becoming a rank in the greatest and longest standing Prayer community? Well, you've come to the right place! Here you'll find everything you need to know about Altar FC, from ranking up to moderating. It is highly recommended to read this guide before attempting to apply for any rank. So, let's get started. Table of Contents: How to Rank up in Altar FC Altar FC Applications Characteristics & Requirements of Each Altar FC Rank Altar FC Moderation Guide Different Moderation Techniques __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to Rank up in Altar FC __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Ranking System Ranks in order: Smiley, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, General. Please keep in mind that It is all based on how much time and effort you put in the FC. You must apply for a rank straight after your current rank e.g. Smiley -> Sergeant. No skipping ranks! You are one step closer to being ranked since you have signed up on our website. To maximise your chances of your rank applications being approved, we encourage all of you to do at least some of the following: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Joining Discord (Mandatory) If you have not yet joined our Discord server and you do not know to, feel free to follow the steps HERE. Discord is a safe and secure way of social interacting with other members of our community, and we encourage everyone to become a part of our Discord server. Reason being is because we would like to have a social connection with our ranks in Altar FC, and it will help us understand the type of person you truly are i.e. cool, helpful, friendly etc. Note: Joining Discord is required to be an Altar FC Helper (Smiley) or a rank above that. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Discord: House Host Tracker (Mandatory) We are now have a House Host Tracker that allows us to add and remove open hosts on the host list. This list is shown in a table format on our Portal page, Forums page, and on Discord. It needs to be updated regularly on a daily basis by ranks and others that are volunteering to help out. Updating the tracker shows us that you are active and committed to helping out the community. The tracker has Discord commands associated with it. For more information regarding those commands, feel free to read the guide here. While updating the tracker, you get points added to your Activity Score thanks to our Statistics tracker. It will make a huge difference when it comes to ranking up. Note: 50 Activity Score is required for the Lieutenant rank, and 150 Activity Score is required for the Captain rank. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Inviting Hosts to the FC and the House Host Tracker (Mandatory) If at any time you are noticing host names being advertised when they are not actually in the FC, it is encouraged to ask them if they would be interested in joining the FC, considering we help others find a house for free. You may ask them either in their own home or through their PM, whichever you feel more comfortable with. If they join us it will help grow our FC community, not to mention that it will create stronger bonds between our hosts and guests. While inviting the host to the FC, feel free to introduce them to our House Host Tracker. This is encouraged by us as this will allow more growth in our Discord community, and they get a free advertisement on our Portal page, Forums page, Discord, and from our POH portal advertisers. Note: Recruiting and/or assisting new hosts in using the House Host Tracker is required if you want to become a Sergeant rank or above. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Being Positive and Active in the Community (Mandatory) Players look up to you more as you progress through the ranks. Being positive and active whilst maintaining good vibes and a relaxing mood will help improve the FC environment i.e. less drama. It will also show us that you are capable of becoming a great leader. Note: Being active in the Altar FC community is required for all ranks: 2 weeks for Smiley. 2 months for Sergeant. 8 months for Lieutenant. 8 months for Captain. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. Consistent and Constructive Feedback on Other Players' Applications (Mandatory) There will be players applying for a rank every now and then for an Altar FC rank. In order for them to rank up, they need consistent and constructive feedback on their application from other players. This is when you come in to make that happen. When you provide that feedback, it shows us that you have been paying attention to what's been going in the FC. So, it is essential that you are active in both the FC and on the forums. Note: Providing consistent and constructive feedback on other players' applications is required for all Altar FC ranks. However, only one feedback comment is required for the Smiley rank. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. Rule Advising (Mandatory for Kick Ranks ) This is the toughest duty for a rank, where it requires patience and moderation experience. Before you do anything however, we recommend reading the FC rules HERE until you know them off the top of your head. Once that is done, you may start trying to help the chatting environment in the FC. When you see players not following the FC rules, try to guide them in the right direction. Please bear in mind that this heavily is dependant on how you conduct yourself to them, and whether you feel you should step in to handle the situation. For example, if a player advertises for non FC hosts, avoid saying to them: "Don't advert for non fc hosts. Thank you". Instead you may say "Hey there, we avoid advertising for non FC hosts as they are showing no support for us. You're more than happy though to ask them to join the FC." In addition to that, the amount of warnings you give to players breaking the FC rules is based on their behaviour. If they are being very rude for example, I would not warn them more than 1-2 times. However, if they are friendly and understanding, feel free to give them up to 3 warnings. Furthermore, try to not be very strict and uptight. Players generally enjoy a chat with ranks that are reasonable, because remember we are here to play and have fun. Lastly, the amount of warnings is also based on the situation at the time. For example, it is fine if a player says "wtf who's hosting?". But if they say "f**k n****rs"!" or "f**k this stupid game. I f**king died because of this f**king lag", then they do not deserve more than 1 warning. Assess every situation individually, and then handle it accordingly based on what you feel is right. Also, do keep in mind that warnings can be applied to multiple players at once if they are all being troublesome in the FC e.g. "Hey everyone, this discussion is getting out of hand. Let's please change the topic that is civil and appropriate. First warning / second warning / final warning.", depending on how many times they have been warned. However, if they still continue being troublesome, and you are not able to kick them, feel free to contact a kick rank. They will then kick any players continuing the heated discussion. The best way to contact kick ranks is through our Discord server by using the @Altar FC Kick Rank tag. Note: Applying efficient moderation techniques, helping out in the chat, and calling open hosts are required to become a Lieutenant rank or above. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Helping Players in the FC While in the FC, you will definitely come across players who need help with something on RS3, such as "Who is hosting?", "Why do people host?" etc. Helping those players out will show us that you are a friendly and helpful person. Those are the type of people we desire when it comes to rank ups in the FC. Note: This will help you with ranking up regardless of how high the rank is. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Redirecting OSRS Players to 07 Altar CC Occasionally players will ask something like this in the FC: "Who's hosting?", "House?", "Host?", "G altar?", "Name?". Before answering them however, it is best to check what world they are in so that you do not accidentally give a RS3 host to a player that is on Old School RuneScape. You will know that they are on OSRS if their world is three digits starting with '3' or '4' e.g. , or has Old School with a number e.g. . Once you find that out, kindly ask the player to join "07 Altar" CC. For example, you may say to them: "Hi there, it seems you are on OSRS. In that case, please join "07 Altar" CC instead as this chat is for RS3." Otherwise if they are on RuneScape 3, kindly give them the host name. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 10. Hosting Whenever you have free time, you are more than welcome to open your house and host for others in World 31, Yanille. This is a great opportunity to mention the FC to your guests, as well as Altar clan if you are part of it. It is also a bonus if you show positive attitude because if the community sees you as an awesome and great person, it will give the FC and yourself a good image. Note: Verifying yourself as a host on the House Host Tracker and hosting for a minimum of 2 hours is one of the conditions to satisfy for an Altar FC Helper (Smiley). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Broadcasting While being in the FC, it is encouraged to remind everyone that they are more than happy to mention the FC to others if they felt it was helpful and/or a great place for chatting. You may do this from time to time, but avoid doing it too frequently so that nobody gets annoyed. You may do the same with Altar clan if you are also part of the clan. An example of what you could say is "Hey everybody, if anyone isn't in a clan, Altar clan is recruiting! It has no requirements, so nobody gets left out. The clan consists of a tier 7 citadel, friendly community, offsite, discord, weekly events, 3-6% xp boost in World 31, and more!" __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Advertising the FC As ranks, we all share the same responsibility of ensuring the FC is strong in terms of its' numbers. This is not encouraged or condoned by us, but you are free to help advertise the FC using autotypers outside the house portal in Yanille, World 31. This will totally be your decision, and we hold no responsibility if any of your accounts get in trouble by Jagex. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13. Other Tips on How to Rank up Have good relationships with the rest of the ranks. Be helpful to one another and offer help when needed. Be likeable to everyone in the chat i.e. ranks and regular members. No one likes an annoying person. There is such a thing as over-moderating. Don't be overbearing or act like a know-it-all. Don't try too hard to be a people-pleaser. Just be yourself. It's easy for some people to tell when someone is being fake. Don't talk back or disrespectfully question higher ranks. They are ranked higher for a reason and are there to guide you. Consistency is a key factor in ranking up. If you are an active player and are online frequently, but have minimal activity in the chat, you will not get ranked up. Say the host(s) name when asked. The quicker the response, the better. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14. How Our Ranking System Works The more you do, the better your chances will be! However, before you apply for an Altar FC rank, please read the information below to understand how our ranking system works: The time it takes for an application to be approved or denied is based on: How much time and effort you put into helping out the community in the FC. How active you are in the FC and Discord. How well you conduct yourself in the FC. The rank that you apply for e.g. kick ranks. The more time and effort you put into helping out the community in the FC, the more known you are in the community, especially if you are active in the FC and Discord. This may result in more responses on your application. Players look up to you more as you progress through the ranks. Being positive and active whilst maintaining good vibes and a relaxing mood will help improve the FC environment i.e. less drama. It also shows us that you are capable of becoming a great leader. Kick ranks ( ) generally take longer to be approved or denied, as they have additional responsibilities associated with them such as assessing every possible situation and then handling them accordingly to the best of your ability. Avoid bribing, pressuring, or constantly asking others to comment on your application. This may discourage them from commenting, and could even backfire on you e.g. they post a negative comment on your application. With regards to bribing, this will most likely result in your application being denied. You will notice players posting a +1, +0 (Neutral), or a -1 on your application. A +1 means they approve the rank up, but a +1 without any reasoning does not hold enough value for the application to be approved. A +0 (Neutral) means they feel indifferent as they do not see you do enough in the FC due to time zones and/or a lack of activity in the FC. A -1 means they do not approve the rank up, but a -1 without any reasoning does not hold enough value for the application to be denied. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Altar FC Applications __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ready to apply for an Altar FC rank? Let us know by submitting an application for the appropriate rank: Click the button below to Apply for the Altar FC HELPER (Smiley) Rank Click the button below to Apply for the Altar FC SERGEANT (3 Bar) Rank Click the button below to Apply for the Altar FC LIEUTENANT (Bronze Star) Rank Click the button below to Apply for the Altar FC CAPTAIN (Silver Star) Rank __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Characteristics and Requirements of Each Altar FC Rank __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Responsibilities and Ethics of each Rank Smiley Characteristics: Smileys are ranks who follow the chat rules, help out in our community, and are active in-game and Discord. They seek help from higher ranks with regards to moderating effectively. Minimum Requirements: Smileys have done the following in our community: Read/followed the Global Rules. Joined Altar Community Discord. Been active in Altar FC Community for 2+ weeks. Plus at least one of the the following: Expressed interest in obtaining a rank. Verified on the House Host Tracker and hosted a minimum of 2 hours. Provided feedback on another player's forum application. ...and much more! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sergeant Characteristics: Sergeants are the lowest kick ranks in the chat who are generally active in-game, on Discord and on the forums. They show leadership and hold a very important responsibility. When it comes to moderating, they are very helpful and they know when and when not to kick, whilst always giving enough warnings before kicking. However, kicking isn't all they do though. They are still responsible for being friendly and moderating in the FC, and are helpful and responsive in the FC when they are needed. In addition to that, they are very consistent in helping out in the FC, and keeping the House Host Tracker up to date. Minimum Requirements: Sergeants have done at least the following in our community: Achieved 50+ Activity Score on the House Host Tracker. Been active in Altar FC Community for 2+ months. Been active in Discord chat and/or voice. Provided consistent and constructive feedback on other players' applications. Recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker. Helped others in chat, called open hosts, and understood efficient moderation techniques. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lieutenant Characteristics: Lieutenant ranks are ranks who have been in the chat actively for a very long time. They do all the things lower ranks do and more. They take initiative and always try to help lower ranks become better, always checking in with lower ranks and making sure they are moderating correctly. Lieutenant ranks know how to be leaders in guiding lower ranks, have friendly vibes, and are generally well-liked by other people in the chat. They also have friendly chats and make small-talk frequently with the non-ranks and ranks in the FC to make everyone feel welcome. Minimum Requirements: Lieutenants have done at least the following in our community: Achieved 150+ Activity Score on the House Host Tracker. Been active in Altar FC Community for 8+ months. Been active in Discord chat and/or voice. Provided consistent and constructive feedback on other players' applications. Recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker. Helped others in chat, called open hosts, and applied efficient moderation techniques. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Captain Characteristics: Captains are ranks who have been approved by a website administrator or founder and have been in the chat actively for an even longer time. They are characterised by their outstanding moderating skills and unbiased judgement. They also have great connections and relationships with other ranks and upcoming ranks. They are also known for their supreme ability in helping the chat whenever possible. Minimum Requirements: Captains have done the following in our community: Been active in Altar FC Community for 8+ months. Been active in Discord chat and/or voice. Provided consistent and constructive feedback on other players' applications. Recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker. Helped others in chat, called open hosts, and applied efficient moderation techniques. Plus at least one of the following: Hosted a minimum of 1 community event per month. Used a HHT portal advertiser on a regular basis and/or in rotation with other ranks. Lead a community meeting or topic at least once per month. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General Characteristics: Generals are the chat leaders who have been approved by a website administrator or founder. They go above and beyond in aiding the chat community to be the very best that is achievable. They are the true legends, and members in the chat should look to them for inspiration and morale. This rank must be earned, so it cannot be applied for. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Altar FC Rank Moderation Guide __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Welcome to the Rank Moderation Guide. The purpose of this guide is to help you with the difficult process of being a rank. Although this guide is designed for kick ranks to shape their craft, it can be used by lower ranks as a means to understand how they can become a kick rank. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Warnings This first portion will be about warnings, and the preferred method: People often break rules within the FC. Almost always, this is unintentional. This portion will be how to moderate people who unintentionally break the rules. When someone breaks a rule, there is no need to bark at them. A common expression you may hear Altar say "We aren't drill sergeants". The meaner we are, the less people will like to loiter in our FC, and when they do, it's a compliment. So here is a quick check-list to do when someone breaks a rule: 1. Recognize which rule they break 2. Politely correct them, here is what I recommend: "[name here], please only adv once per 3 mins as it adds to spam." 3. If they do it again, make sure it's known this is their 2nd warning: "[name here], you were already talked to regarding this, but please only adv once per 3 mins." 4. If they repeat this action again, here is what you may want to say: "[name here], again, please only adv once per 3 mins. If you're unsure what this means, please PM me" 5. If they continue, you may kick them. Here is how you should go about this: "[name here], please return when you follow the rules." 6. Kick Stay away from words that may provoke/aggravate loose cannons in the chat, and to quickly cut the fuse before it too late. Words I'd stay away from are things like "calm down", "chill", "shut up", "stop". You get the idea. Things I would use instead is "How can I help?" or "What's the matter?". You may of course switch around the words or use an entirely different set, but that is a genuine method that works. Note: This is for people who are simply breaking a rule and nothing else. Let's say they are being rude. Here, I'd only suggest no more than 1-2 warnings then a kick if they persist. If they're trolling, feel free to jump to part 3. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. When to Kick This portion will primarily be about kicks, and different situations where you may use them. I've put together a few common situations where a kick may be needed, and haven't been brought up previously, or in the troll section. Here they are: - 1 - Two or more individuals get in an argument. You continually tell them to take it to PM, and they don't listen. After 2-3 warnings, tell them once more, and specify that is their last warning. The next person to continue the argument in the FC should be kicked. - 2 - Someone is continually talking about religion, politics, or other "socially unacceptable" topics. These generally stir up an argument, and that's the person's cause for bringing them up. Simply warn them to not bring it up, before it causes an issue. After 2-3 warnings and they persist, you may kick them. - 3 - Someone is using rather foul language. NOTE, this is allowed providing it is not excessive, and not used against someone. Here is an example: OK: Holy Shit! I'm 1.4k til 89 prayer and I don't have any more bones. NOT OK: WTF? who the f**k said it'd be f**king good idea to put this s**t into the game. NOT OK: stfu dude, im training. go kill yourself. Here, you only need to give them one warning. If they persist after that warning, a kick is valid. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Dealing with Trolls This portion will primarily be about how to deal with trolls. A troll, in our terms, is someone screwing around, purposely disobeying the rules, and trying to provoke others. They mainly do it for the reactions. Whenever you encounter one, you MUST be polite. Regardless if they are annoying you or not, you need to act like a waiter/waitress at a restaurant. We serve the people. I've put together a few situations and how you should handle them: - 1 - The wise troll: This guy will generally try and poke fun, trying to make others lose it. In the first incidence, if with another person in FC, have them take it to PM. If they are trying to mess with you, DO NOT lose it. Warn them once about trolling, and if they complain or start making a fuss, simply kick them. There is no reason for them to be a part of the FC. - 2 - The crude troll: This guy will make everyone feel uncomfortable with inappropriate jokes/remarks. Simply remind them once to keep it appropriate. If they continue or complain about free speech or something, warn them again. After 2 warnings and their persisting, kick them. - 3 - The annoying troll: This guy’s sole purpose is to get on your nerves. Keep your cool, and deal with them. If they are annoying you and you cannot handle them, take a step outside the FC for a minute. Take a breather, there is no reason to get mad over such small things. Just relax, get a glass of water, and a deep breath. You got other ranks in the FC to help you out, simply ask them to take over for a bit. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Attitude and Tips This portion is primarily about extras. Firstly, let's talk about attitude. When you're in the FC, many look up to you. You're not a god, but you can be influential. Keep this in mind when reading this. So you were ranked for a reason, because you can uphold the rules and can be smart with the rank. You are here to serve the people, as a waiter/waitress would in a restaurant. You are expected to be polite. There is no reason to be rude as we aren't drill sergeants. Next, here are a few tips: 1. Try to only have one person at a time moderating the FC, but have several others watching just in case. 2. If someone is getting flustered, ask them to take a break and relax. Tell them you, or someone else has the FC, so not to worry. 3. Spammers. When there is a spammer, kick the name ASAP. You may misclick, and that's ok, it's not the end of the world. Simply apologise to whoever you kicked accidentally and move on. Lastly, moderating the FC is unique. Here are a few things you'll want to know: 1. Sometimes you'll need to make on-the-spot decisions. You've been given the power to kick for a reason, so use it wisely but use it as a last resort. 2. The people in the FC can tear you apart emotionally. People have even cried before from it. Not to intimidate you, but you need to be prepared for this. Have a polite side, but not too polite. Don't be aggressive, but don't be too passive. There is a fine balance to it. A chat would be nothing without its' members and the ranks. We thank you for your continued support of this wonderful community and look forward to your growth as leaders. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Different Moderation Techniques ~ Credit: Carfentanil ~ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In this guide I would like to point out that i am not of the mental health professional or a sociologist, but I have done a lot of research and i have worked with people who have worked in the mental health field. First of all you need to understand the types of people in chat and their personalities. Some of the steps below are controversial, but all are aimed at deescalating the situation to resolve it and bring the chat to calm. Different techniques with moderation: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Flamers or Flamebaiters Note: • This person is perhaps feeling insecure and looking for attention. They may be verbally abusive. • They may have had a bad day at work/school and looking to take frustration and their emotions out on others. • They may have personal issues or going through hardship things like: bereavement family breakups, other forms of hardship, and/or neglect, bullying or abuse. • Some people that flamebait may be just looking for a friend or are lonely and may just want someone to talk to. • People that flame others may be doing so because of some ideology religiously, politically motivated, or grievances that can cause them to verbally abuse others (It still is no excuse though). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. How to Deal with Flamers or Flamebaiters Direct Action: Where you take immediate action against the parties involved by either warning the aggressors or warning all the parties involved or kicking someone (This is useful in situation where things are getting heated and are fast paced). Visual Deterrent: Where you kick someone who is causing the trouble, and it sends a message to any other troublemakers. This could be linked to the outcome of direct action if you kick someone then (This is normally useful in a situation where there are multiple aggressors and parties involved). Diversion: If you can see things getting heated, try to divert the conversation into something of a more civil matter (This could be useful for nipping things in the bud or stopping things before they get worse). Deescalation: Try calming the situation down by not taking sides between the aggressors (remaining impartial) and not kicking anyone. I understand though that sometimes this is not always possible. Sometimes kicking someone in the case of multiple aggressors can cause the friends of the kicked person to become unruly and upset. The aggressors that wanted that person gone would be pleased and take sides with the rank that kicked that person. Ignoring: Sometimes ignoring situation can work though not always. But sometimes the parties involved get bored and move on, however this is less likely to happen with larger groups of people (This is useful for where there are small arguments between 2 people, where they will get bored and move on). Pacifist Approach: Try just talking to the person/parties involved to see if you can resolve the issues peacefully (This again is good for small groups of people who are angry or upset and taking the anger out on other people). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Troll or Trolling Note: • People that troll like to say outrageous things or things very controversial, or start topics or debates that may be considered heated. This leads to other people with opinions that differentiate from the troll getting upset causing conflict between the different parties in the debate or the troll's statement. • There is nothing wrong with a debate, it just has to be well moderated as it can lead to people's emotions boiling over. Certain subjects can be what is commonly referred to as "controversial debates/topics". Some are worse than others. Some common examples include politics, religion, sexism, race, plus many more. • Some trolls can be verbally abusive but a lot can read between the lines. A lot of trolls are intelligent and will read up on the chat rules and educate themselves on what they can and can’t do and will do minor rule breaking many times so it is just below the threshold for a kick to be justified. A simple example of this is the warning system. It gives the troll a guideline on how much he can do before he gets kicked and most times will stop before the threshold to kick. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. How to Deal with Trolls or Trolling Restraint: If you are a rank and trolls are getting on your nerves, show restraint. Don't kick as some trolls can see a kick as a badge of honour. It can also encourage the troll's friends to upset you even more. Take mod mark for example, I call it "The mod mark theory". He is targeted in his chat all the time because people get a reaction from their actions. if you don't react, the trolls get hungry and leave you alone looking for another person to take a bite out of (This is effective for trolls that are persistent). Isolate Yourself from the Troll: This is closely related to restraint, however you add them to ignore. Cut off all ties from and when people say (insert name here) wants you to unignore him. Just don't reply, and the trolls will give up and move on. Adding someone to ignore is not admitting defeat, it’s being sensible. A good quote to remember is "you may have lost the battle but you haven't lost the war." (This is helpful for trolls that are getting on your case). KOS List: If the troll is persistent, ask if the troll can be added to kick on sight list. He will soon get the idea that trolling is a form bullying and it is unwanted in the chat. Kicking: An effective way only when the trolls or troll is a single time offender. If the troll is persistent, they will troll and by that time the damage is done. They may even have multiple accounts. However if they are on the KOS list, they may give in when they are being being kicked constantly. False Threat: If the troll is being difficult and you are a person with authority, you could threaten a kick. Even if you don't have the ability to kick, you can say something along the lines of "If you don't stop i will get someone that can kick". This tactic is a bit dodgy as it can lead to escalation especially if the troll is determined. However some people will listen and calm down also because the troll or aggressor does not know your intentions. He also could back off and may think this is a final warning. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. The Spammer Spammers' main objective is to get a message out to a large audience. It can be rude, obscene in nature or used as advertising e.g. websites. Also, it can be used as an insult or to get a reaction. Some spammers are upset due to inner hatred for people in authoritative positions, and so they try to get their message through spamming. There are three different types of spammers: • Advertising Spammers: They are not always robots but they can be, as they can do the job a lot faster at a fraction of a price most of the advertising bots are programmed to leave after a certain amount of lines of chat spammed because they realise a kick is imminent. I should point out that not all advertising scripts/robots leave after a certain amount of lines spammed, but most do though. • Symbol Spammers: This type of spammer is someone who don't always bot but they make rude ASCII rude obscene images in order to seek attention. It has been noted though that some advertising spammers use ASCII to get around the chat filter with blocked things like www or com. • Attention Grabbers: This type of spammer is someone who either: Might be upset and perhaps not getting listened to. Asked for a host and did not get answer, or Not in a good mood and looking to spam to be listened to. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6. How to Deal with Spammers Quick Note: With robot spammers, most of these suggestions will not work as you cannot negotiate with a robot. Bilateral Communications: Try to talk to them on their level if they are upset and are spamming because they are not getting what they want. A rank can be intimidating at times, so try to be on their level and try to find out why they are upset and resolve the issue to your best of your ability (This is useful for people who are upset and spamming for attention, or people who are upset with the chat and can only vent their anger through spamming). Deception/Persuasion: Believe in the spammers' ideals then try to explain to them what they are doing wrong and try to set them on the right path. You can even tell the spammer half-truths e.g. "you would be more respected in the chat if you stopped spamming". Kicking Spammers: Could work for people such as attention grabbers (however it could give them a kick which is what they wanted in the first place, so please be wary). But for advertising spammers that are persistent, they will continue to barrage the chat. Symbol spammers may be persistent, as some see a kick as a badge of honour. For example, "barrys blunt". Good Cop, Bad Cop: Where rank A is threatening to kick but doesn't kick the aggressor, and rank B is trying to negotiate with the aggressor to stop his actions thus leading to a peaceful outcome. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. How to Deal with Arrogant People Ignore them. If someone's arrogance is making your blood boil, just ignore them as they may just have an arrogant personality and that's just the way they are. Sometimes, it's easier for you to accept them than for them to change. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 8. Interesting Theories to Think About Mod Mark Theory: The reason why his chat gets targeted so often is because the ranks there react to the behaviour and constantly kick people which inevitably causes more frustration and anger and just fuels the hatred even more. You do not want to let your emotions get the better of you. Also, as a rank you are going to be targeted, so you have to bear this in mind as you stand out from the crowd (I made this one up but still it's a good point). Plausible Deniability: The theory that people in a structured command in a position of authority will decline all knowledge of any power being abused thus hiding the truth to either covering themselves or shift the blame onto others. This is common in a lot of organisations and chats, and the outcome of this would be either corruption or whistle-blowing. Mutt and Jeff Scenario: Where two or more people join the chat and start arguing with each other or start controversial debates. This comes into the category of trolling/flamebaiting and a general nuisance. This can be sorted with steps mentioned above. Pick Your Battles: If you see an issue in the chat, decide if it requires intervention or not. If it doesn't, leave it be. Otherwise if it does, take the required action. But you don't need to moderate everything all the time, so bear that in mind. Don't Fuel the Fire: Sometimes the actions you make may add to the chaos or fuel the argument or increase the tension, so be careful. You may lose the battle but you can win the war. Sometimes the decisions you make may not always be the most popular, but in the end you will pull through in terms of moderation. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Saint Toast-Applied Psychology Student (Extra Comments) Pop-Out Effect: People who are different than most people in a group tend to stand out. In the case of a chat, this can be the ranks, people who talk a lot etc. (Wiekens, C.J., 2015) Conformation Bias: This is important to understand for people who try to discuss someone's opinion. People who believe their opinion is right will only believe other people with the same opinion. DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE THEIR OPINION. It's almost impossible to change the opinion because the part of the brain that regulates reasoning shuts down, and the part of the brain that regulates emotions stays activated when they see or hear information that is contradicting their opinion. Example of opinions include religious, political, important events like the bombing in Brussels, astrology, etc. (Zimbardo, P.G., Johnson, R.L., McCann, V., 2014) (Vonk, R., 2014) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would also like to point out you can use any methods suggested here. They don't have to be in the same categories. Disclaimer: I will not be held liable for the outcomes of these methods that are used in the situations involving the chat. Back to Top
  11.  Community Meetings Table of Contents 1. 05/01/19 Community Meeting 2. 02/02/19 Community Meeting 3. 02/03/19 Community Meeting 4. 06/04/19 Community Meeting 5. 04/05/19 Community Meeting 6. 02/06/19 Community Meeting 1. 05/01/19 Community Meeting Introduction - History of the Community Chats Our community is over 10 years old. Back in the early days, Altar hand typed outside the Yanille house portal on RS3 to help the community grow. He did this with a friend that hosted back then, but they no longer keep in touch anymore unfortunately. During those days, there was another clan known as HousesW31 which eventually died out due to drama, while Altar community continued to grow. Ranking system We will be simplifying the ranking system, as we believe that there are too many possible rank ups and not enough resources available. Application system is good. We need to differentiate who deserves what rank. We may be cutting out some ranks such as Recruit and Corporal. Rules They need to be redefined. They need more clearer definitions – so that everyone knows exactly what's right to do and what isn’t. They will be meshed into the ranking system. Lack of Admin Activity People want admin ranks to be more active on RS. If admins aren’t playing RS, it may be because they don’t have the luxury of taking a full break. They need to maintain their own sanity, but they will try their best to play more. Rank Inactivity/Deranks When is it okay to derank somebody? Everybody who got their rank deserved it. We need to figure out an effective / fair / democratic way to derank someone who is inactive / not following rules / guidelines. Leave of absence thread on forums may help with this. House Host Tracker The House Host Tracker has been developed by Harudoku. We appreciate the effort that people have put in to keep it updated. The House Host Tracker is still considered in ‘Alpha’ stage, and it is difficult to test without having people to actually use it in a live environment. We are constantly trying to fix and change the tracker to get it to work how we want. It takes time and money as we are paying for the development of discord tracker. The House Host Tracker Tracker and website would not be possible without donation contributions – so thank you. The House Host Tracker will tie into ranking and rule changes. It's fine if you want to mute the House Host Tracker notifications. It won't affect your current rank. Verification feature. Verified RS3 and OSRS hosts that are open show up on the top right list of discord for convenience. There will be discord roles for RS3 and OSRS house hosts after being verified with the house host tracker in the nearby future. We will be having a Statistic tracker in the nearby future which will count individual contributions e.g. how many commands each rank is using, so it can be used to award rank of the month / rank ups. This will provide incentive for updating the tracker. House Host Tracker In-Game Advertisers The House Host Tracker adverts at the house portals made by Lusfr and Dakota are still considered in the 'Alpha' stage (work in progress). They are not working perfectly at the moment. If the adverts are not up in game, it is due to work being done on them. They are still being tested. Autotyping is against Jagex rules. A few people are flagged by Jagex to get banned more often. Individual host spam – if you can’t beat them join them. They are not banned by Jagex enough. Lusfr’s script adverts open hosts through the discord tracker (advertisers outside the portal, and hotkeys used to advertise in cc). Advert accounts require bonds – expensive. However, there won't be a mandatory donation to keep the portal advertisers up. Lusfr and Dakota input on advert accounts and scripts. King Capone and Tify have helped put up advert accounts to assist. All information put in tracker is updated live and fetched from webserver. Dakota's script should be able to change the interval for full lines, the speed at which it types, and other forms of variability. It can be modified in the configuration file. This will help advertise hosts at a faster rate. Difference between Memeing / Trolling / Flaming Trying to get on someones nerves / upset people / offend people. We want to harbour a friendly community. New player may join and say hi, lots of the time people are good at making them feel welcome. Other times someone may respond with something too edgy – understand that new people do not know personalities, dial it back and gauge who they are first, respect them, make them feel as welcome as possible. New players are important for community success. Be as friendly as possible. If we provide high quality environment for people, we will be surrounded by high quality people. Backlash Regarding -1’s on Applications You are always welcome to PM owner or admin ranks. There is no judgement from them, so your input is really appreciated. Alternatively, let us know when you're posting a -1 response on an application, then we can hide the message in the thread. Possibility to Separate OSRS / RS3 meetings We could split the meetings for OSRS and RS3 after this meeting. Other Rank up application questions need updating. Roles of each rank need updating - https://www.altar.rs/forums/index.php?/topic/1337-roles-of-a-rank-in-07-altar-cc/. Thanks @Jalamanta and @Tify for helping with noting down the discussions, and thanks everybody that helped with players' questions and concerns during the meeting. Most importantly, thanks everybody that attended and contributed to this community meeting. Here is a screenshot of most of those players: 2. 02/02/19 Community Meeting Screensharing on Discord You are now able to screenshare on Discord depending on which voice channel you're currently in. But when screensharing, remember to not put any sensitive information for others to view and hear. For more information about how to screenshare, check out the #how-to-screen-share text channel on Discord. You will then see the information below: New Ranking System (Applications & Derank Applications) Since the new ranking system is recent, there is plenty of time for ranks to meet the requirements. Even if you have not met the requirements at the moment, you are more than happy to apply as the new rank transition is recent. If anyone has any outstanding applications (lots of positive comments) and it has been denied, by all means let the admins/founders know on Discord. Soon, everyone will be able to send in a derank application for another rank. The confidentiality of this will be up to the community and the limitation of our forums. House Host Tracker In-Game Advertiser There have been people helping out like Lusfr, Its Joey, Briars, etc who are helping to keep the adverts running. We truly appreciate their help for helping out the community. Many new hosts have started to rely on the HHT advertisers, particularly on RS3. This is great news for our community, and what's great about that is that it puts the power back in the players' hands. There have been tweaks to the adverts, so they are more optimised. For example, Dakota's advert can detect if there's too many hosts on one line. As a result, it will advertise on multiple lines. It is also very customisable as shown in the image below: Donations in GP and Bonds All of you should feel proud of yourselves for helping with the donations towards our community i.e. website, discord, HHT. Thank you all very much for your support. The HHT is still in its' alpha stage. Please keep this in mind when using the tracker. The HHT needs to be tested in a live environment, and we understand it's a convenience as it's relied on regularly. We are aware of the bugs, so we will fix them as soon as we can. With regards to everyone donating gp and/or bonds to the HHT adverts, we really appreciate your help, and hosts have even asked if they could help out to keep them running. There is no real structure or process to fund the bonds and gp yet, but we are thinking of a way to do that efficiently. We want to avoid a single point of failure where gp or donations are stolen by someone. Don't give any donations to anyone, and don't take any donations from anyone. Only donate them to the advert themselves for the time being while we work on an efficient structure. Let Warrior, Magiq, or Altar know if a particular advert needs gp or bonds. With our future donating system for the HHT adverts, King Capone is assisting us with his knowledge in finance. Gp will be the most efficient when it comes to donating. Lack of Hosts During Quiet Hours When there are no hosts open or when you are hosting during the quiet hours e.g. 12am-8am PST, see this as an opportunity to find new hosts that you could introduce to our community. It is more helpful to our community in the long run, compared to always thinking Code Red!. Thanks everybody that helped with players' questions and concerns during the meeting. Most importantly, thanks everybody that attended and contributed to this community meeting. Here is a screenshot of most of those players: 3. 02/03/19 Community Meeting Server Migration We talked about the server migration and eventual solutions to various problems that turned up with the migration. We experienced brute force logins, so we have decided to do a server migration to resolve that problem. Our new server will have upgraded hardware and better security. This will result in a smooth performance overall while having potential for future implementations e.g. Minecraft servers. Possible New Host World (OSRS) There was a brief discussion about expanding to the new EU house world (465) and what we have to work on to make it possible. Ranks would have to keep track of two worlds instead of just 330. House Host Tracker Commands Some HHT topics were mentioned where some hours weren't logged and the inconvenience of manually adding them to the current stats. If you !proxyunhost someone, be sure that they're actually NOT hosting so we don't have any future incidents. 4. 06/04/19 Community Meeting Community Meetings Potentially Happening Twice a Month Community Meeting may potentially happen twice a month on different times and days such as Saturday and Sunday to cater for everyone with different time-zones. Kicking Players in the FC/CC's When There is Offensive Language Involved Moderation: It's important to think on your feet and to be circumstantial when dealing with certain situations. Always try to use your best judgement when you need to kick players in the FC/CC. There are some situations where players deserve an instant kick e.g. when players use offensive language on a regular basis or are known to cause problems, and when players are spamming or typing messages for the purpose of luring, hacking, scamming etc. There's a guide on the forums that is updated by @Magiq and myself when we are available to do so. There should be more specific information added onto that guide about how to kick and when it is acceptable to kick on the first offence/certain situations. This will be included in the guide as soon as we can. Server and Donation Updates A month ago, we opened up a donation goal on our forums for our new server. We hit the donation goal faster than expected. It was expected to hit it in a couple of months, but we reached it within a week. We thank everyone for your support. Even if you didn't donate, the community and environment we have allows a lot of people to come in and have a good enjoyable time and feel welcomed enough to donate in the first place. It is really awesome to have a community where we have community funded projects and to be able to build things such as the House Host Tracker and website from a community perspective. With regards to our new server, we are just awaiting for 2 hard drives. If you check the announcements channel on Discord, you'll see the progress with the parts being built for the new server. It's been fully built and operational, and it is being worked on day by day to configure it for our purposes to move everything from our current virtual server to this new one. It will be a lot cheaper and a lot more performance (10x or 20x the performance). The new server will allow us to host a lot more than the music bots, Discord bots, House Host Tracker, and website. We'll have enough resources for other stuff to be hosted such as game servers e.g. minecraft, ark etc. We can also host media servers such as Plex for watching movies at high quality, and even build a library for everyone to watch. There's a lot of possibilities, so if you have any ideas, let @Altar know and we'll try to get some of that stuff going. Hosting VMs on the New Server It is possible, but it will be a big challenge and will take some time to implement. One of the challenges running a server from home is you need to be really security cautious and make sure the proper security measures are in place. An Enterprise grade firewall will need to be built to ensure the data is 100% secure. That is the main thing to figure out. Facing anything to the outside internet is a security concern so being able to have everyone connect to VMware machines to advertise is definitely possible but it's complicated on a server side perspective. But that is something that we want to do and figure out as it will be really useful. Event Coordinator Role on Discord It's possible to have a Discord role for PVM or even an event coordinator. We'll look into that. Events in General We are going to attempt to move forward and have events on a regular basis, including events that are outside of RuneScape e.g. Cards Against Humanity, Skribbl.io game, Jackbox Party Pack, Quiplash etc. We've all played them on Discord for fun, but we've never set them up as an official community event i.e. never planned them or made everyone aware when we're doing them. Maybe having a general events channel under announcements channel on Discord would be really beneficial with the only stipulation that we all have to make sure we're all as consistent as possible with hosting events so that they don't end up becoming stale or die down. That has been the case in the past, but now that our community has grown a lot since then with increased player flow and interest, that may not be an issue anymore resulting in the events channel being more successful this time around. An events will be looked into being created and a forums post will be available for more information about it and how to properly post events. It will be made available to any rank on RS3 or OSRS. That would be really fun, and that would help a lot with getting events get around in the community and ensuring they have a lot of visibility. Another reason why it's good to have an Events channel is that there will be hard recorded evidence when people post events. Back in the day for requirements, there were a lot of times where people needed to manually post on the forums when they took the avatar out on RS3 or recruited someone in the Altar clan. This wasn't ideal and was very inconvenient for people in general. It's definitely better to have an automated system for tracking requirements to make it more convenient for everyone. Pinging Separate OSRS and RS3 tags for Events It has been suggested to have Discord roles for OSRS Events, RS3 Events, OSRS Bossing, RS3 Bossing etc to ping certain players when there is an event going on for OSRS or RS3. They are all really good ideas, however we'll have to make the best of both worlds for OSRS vs RS3 and ensuring there is less clutter on top of Discord. Rank Applications, Rank Changes and Derank Requests We've had a lot of discussion recently regarding specific rank ups such as g0t your b0w's application. Maybe a lot of the discussion got really heated, but at the end of the day, I think everyone came out of it with positive information. If you haven't checked it out, please do definitely check it out. There is a lot of things mentioned in there for potential rank changes and a lot of changes to our structure in general when it comes to ranking. For those unaware, we changed our ranking process slightly not too long ago. We effectively removed 1 and 2 bar ranks in order to streamline the ranking process, and to make more clear and defined requirements for each rank ranking up. We are on the right track, however it is not a perfect system. There is a lot of work and improvements to do. Also, a lot of people mentioned their ideas for making those improvements, so we'll be definitely checking those out and trying to figure out a few things to make the ranking system even better. For starters, the Lieutenant rank to Captain rank doesn't have a lot of clear requirements other than the very obtainable one i.e. House Host Tracker score. The other one had mentioned events, and the other mentioned advertising. It has been mentioned that having an advertising requirement for a rank wasn't a good idea and we agree. It was never intended to be a requirement you needed to get a rank up. It was just there to check just so everyone can see the requirements and maybe some of the things that the person did in order to get where they were with the rank they have at that point before applying. But yeah, we're going to remove that one because I definitely agree it may not look good to have that on any application because it could look like we're indirectly supporting rule breaking. Hosting Community Events Requirement for Captain Application The logic behind that is that we wanted to set up the ranking structure for what looks like in the future instead of that point in time when we were creating them. That goes back to the conversation we had about events i.e. making events easier to coordinate, have more people see them, and have us track them more in a more centralised location in a centralised channel. That's the reason why we're looking into the event changes as well. Unsure Whether a Player is Approved on the Watchlist or Ban List We are uncertain whether we want to mention which players have been approved to be on a watchlist or ban list, as it is considered a public shame list to some people. It has frustrated people as it makes them look bad. I don't think saying who we ban is a good idea at least publicly, maybe having them in a rank channel would work. Other Rank Changes More clearer defined requirements for ranking up. The House Host Tracker Score is really good and beneficial. For example, g0t your b0w was missing that requirement, and it looks like he's getting already there. Almost a third of the way there in a week. With the Lieutenant rank being a 6 months requirement, we believe that is really obtainable and good. However, if anyone has any issues about it or feels the House Host Tracker Score should be bumped or down for certain ranks, let @Altar @Magiq or myself know on Discord, either in public or in private direct messages. If you have been viewing the bot-commands channel on Discord recently, you may have noticed a discord statistic tracking bot. At the moment, it just shows statistics for the last 30 days. Right now, we have to wait 30 days for it to even record 30 days of statistics as it has only been tracking for a week. Once we have the 30 days statistics, it will be really beneficial for ranking up. For example, if you want to apply for a certain rank, you have to have this much Discord activity, whether it's message or hours in voice within X amount of time. If you have sent this many messages in the last 90 days, then you meet the requirement for rank ups. That is another option/idea for requirements for ranking up. Another of course is events and monitoring people who posts events on Discord. Events, Discord Usage, House Host Tracker Usage - The 3 really big requirements for the ranking applications going forward. If you have any ideas for more requirements going forward, let us know. Ranking Players Based on the Rank Requirements The requirements for each rank are there to make sure the people are eligible and prepared to rank up. We have noticed a big trend on applications where players post +1, even though the application creators don't meet the eligible requirements. As human beings, there will be some biases based on who are our friends, who we're close to, and what we see and are aware of. Let's face it, we're not always on at the same time. There are a lot of biases that happens, so having the requirements are important because if someone hits all the requirements then we all agree they hit them and it is something record-able and will help for ranking up in the future. Another Possible Requirement (In-Game Accomplishments) We're unsure how this will work out, but having a requirement for players' in-game accomplishments is also important and possible too. For example, having a certain amount of time logged in to the game when you're available to deal with issues, having a certain amount of XP in a certain amount of time, and/or having certain stats. If you have any ideas for requirements such as this one or ways to record this requirement, let us know as it will really help us out as a community. Other requirements outside of in-game are nice, but we will always end up going back to the root which is RuneScape itself. Time Gate Issue with Applications I know time has been mentioned and reoccurring on applications. We are hearing all of you when there are people saying that a certain person shouldn't rank up as they feel they haven't been in the community long enough. Which is why we have time requirements on application. There needs to be a line drawn somewhere. This is definitely up for interpretation and we're willing to listen to whether the time requirements for each rank should change or be removed. At the moment, we measure the starting time based on when they first joined Discord or the Forums, and whenever they apply for a rank is when that time ends. If you feel the time requirement should be increased, then do let us know. We feel that the time requirement at the moment is scaled but we are open to change it based on feedback. Deranking Requests & Expectations of Current Ranks Based on the new Ranking System Criteria We have been looking into deranking requests for a while and trying to set them up to ensure they are fair and objectable as possible without being trollable. At the moment, we have a plugin on forums to allow players to post on applications anonymously. That was the first big step we wanted to take in terms of derank requests. Another thing is we need to have is not only the criteria to get a rank but also what's the criteria required to lose your rank or get deranked. We know it's not a happy thing to talk about because obviously it's not fun getting deranked. It's also not fun for us to derank anyone. We think having criteria required for deranking is important because it'll allow people to know when they should submit a derank request for someone and when they shouldn't because they're going to have clearly defined criteria. For example, here is some criteria for a derank request e.g. under X amount of Tracker Score within a month or 3 months, no Discord activity, no game activity, or broken a rule on the Rules page. Having criteria like that is super important too. Let's be real with ourselves here, there's definitely ranks in our community who are pretty stale and have been in our community a long time with not enough upkeep. This will allow us to keep ranks fresh and to make sure people who are actually earning their ranks and the people who have their ranks feel good about them. We need to finish the derank requirements first before before we do any deranks. 5. 04/05/19 Community Meeting Summary We have been working on advertisers in the background, and improving the infrastructure of our community tools. There's been a little bit more strictness when adhering to the global rules in the community. Altar has been keeping on top of it. There's been a lack of respect between community members. Try to be respectful to your fellow clan members. Of course not everyone will mesh in, but we're part of the same community. Try to get along with each other and refrain from going out of your way to show someone you don't like them. 6. 02/06/19 Community Meeting Applying and Commenting on Applications Keep the rank applications coming everyone. We really appreciate the hard work everyone is going through applying for their ranks, and everyone who has commented on applications providing valuable feedback. Positive Influence to Others Be a positive influence to others, especially if you are ranked. It's a friendly reminder that being positive really helps, even though it's not always the easiest thing to do. Within the month, There's been a high significant improvement in how everyone has been treating each other, the positivity, helping others, and the building of relationships. Thanks everyone for doing that, as it really helps and makes the community a fun place to be in. Rank Applications' Refresh Rank applications are being refreshed. There's been discussion regarding rank ups, so there's going to be more variables when ranking up. We've made a couple of tweaks involving discord activity that are going to be implemented in the rank ups. There'll be more relevant questions and a little more variation in the applications. @King Capone worked really hard on them, and you should really thank him for doing that. Without the applications getting the face ups, we don't know if we'd be here where we are now. There'll be potentially more face lifts for the applications in the future. Potential Deranks There'll be potential deranks. Altar has been receiving PMs from many people regarding certain ranks who may be potentially not doing what they are supposed to do as a rank, or doing what they used to do in terms of activity. There are a lot of ranks who just sit and hang out in the chat and haven't done anything for a long time. We'll be looking into those ranks, and potentially do those deranks for everyone. Although someone may be deranked, it doesn't mean they did something wrong. Sometimes, people change and have different priorities or goals ingame. There's nothing wrong with someone being deranked. They didn't get deranked because they're bad or did something wrong. We just need a refresher with ranks. It's just not fair to the ranks who work really hard for the community while there are certain ranks who don't do much in the community. We are open to any input for any topic discussed in this community meeting. Stay tuned for more community meetings in the nearby future.
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  13. I don't mind it, but the problem I have with it is that hosts may not end up hosting at a certain time due to real life circumstances, and then they decide to host while another verified host is hosting. I just don't feel the schedule will be followed every day.
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