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  1. Neutral. I have only seen you occasionally and I am not familiar with your ability to moderate people. The application you put forward seems a little lacking in my opinion. This is a rank with a lot of power and responsibility and brushing over the application is not advised. Also as others have mentioned, please put more effort when updating the HHT as it serves an important function and it only remains useful as long as it is maintained properly. All of this was almost a -1 for me but none of this is damning and can be corrected. Try a little harder and you can easily earn a +1.
  2. Neutral. While I am not as much of a stickler about activity, the only time I have seen you at all is to link us to a different discord channel for a 1b giveaway. If I could see more of that moderating that others speak highly of I would be willing to give it a +1.
  3. +1 He came in today as well and was spouting politics and hate while ignoring all warnings and requests to stop. On a side note, YuriFox was more then willing to egg storm on the entire time.
  4. I have and will be a little less active for a few weeks. Ill be checking into RS daily for keys and dailies but I challenged myself to beat Fallout 4 on Survival (hardest difficulty) from the start once all DLC came out so that adventure will keep me occupied for a bit. Should be back to normal afterwards
  5. I change my vote to yes.
  6. This was going on for about 20 minutes with no reachable rank In FC, 07 Altar, or discord.
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