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  1. -1 The Mint is on the reduced tolerance list and I don't think he's overly active in the CC. Had to kick him several times in the past and haven't seen anything to suggest improvement yet.
  2. With the community meeting being tomorrow I guess I'll post my thoughts. For ranks above 3-bar, being a good role model begins to become more important, and so I'd expect near flawless judgement, strong commitment, good temperament and a lot of involvement in the community. From what I can tell, Meno doesn't put in that many hours to the game like some do, but he has played pretty consistently since joining the CC and since receiving 3-bar. This shows as, imo, he has earned the respect of the regulars in the CC and that's an important quality for lieutenant ranks and above to have. I disagree with 180 hht score being an issue as not only is it above the threshold required to apply for Lieutenant, this rank up, as Guam said, would be the first step to becoming a pillar of the community, and so there are many other factors equally or more important. On that note, I see what Guam is saying and to some extent I agree. I have lots of good things to say about Menomenta and he's certainly a committed member of the CC. Shandog and RWBY also make good points that I agree with fully. However, I don't think I have personally had the opportunity to see enough to warrant my +1 I'll stay neutral because I'd be completely on board with Meno getting this rank-up, but as there haven't been many 3-bar -> lieut since the rank changes, I'm not sure what we should be expecting from someone wanting to make this move. Keep up the good work anyhow
  3. Interesting to see how a month long comp goes but nice idea, i'm in - add me pls
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