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  1. +1 if you're serious about a rank and rankly duties, that's my feedback from when I've seen you in the cc
  2. sounds like a good rank to me as long as they keep it up like ur saying yeah
  3. Could you please update my rank @Warrior? ty
  4. I wouldnt know where to start coding this but I can help with images of rooms and stuff
  5. this is a great idea if we can make our own
  6. btc seems to me like you brought this on yourself tbh. why does anyones gender in the cc matter? if u stopped creeping u might meet more ladies. be nice in cc and u wont get kicked. the messages in your own screenshots dont put u in good light. regarding u being kicked for "slightly rude" things recently, thats how it works. u be a dick u get less tolerance.
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