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  1. Neutral: pretty much what Capone said was spot on.He's very valuable when he's active, but his inactivity seems to overshadow that. But I also wouldn't dismiss him entirley because he did have an irl accident that might be holding him back right now (which is the sole factor as to why I'm neutral, otherwise +1). I'm well aware it's nothing new for him to disappear for awhile, I'm just looking at the best case scenario Edit: didn't to did
  2. 7. Please discuss any disputes in private message with a rank.
  3. *country violin noises*
  4. So i've refused to join clans for several eons. I'm pretty much trying to figure out if i should rejoin Altar Clan and be a part of a community again. I know i'm an asshat a lot, but i want to be different. I never used to be this sour and mean. Any thoughts appreciated and accepted.
  5. I'm that guy who's been here for years and still hasn't done a damn thing. Nice to meet <3
  6. I'm trying to look for a new RSN that has Puddin/Pudding in it in some fashion. Right now my name is Pudding Cups Helperino a scrub pls
  7. i'll start American invades foreign land, kills local leadership, struggles to find exit strategy Wizard of OZ
  8. 10/10 Kodiak for President. Impeach Altar. Down with the system... along with those trees.
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