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  1. Your display name: Pudding Cups What is your current rank? Lieutenant (Bronze Star) What is your current clan XP? 434m Have you capped at the clan citadel? If so, what is your clan Fealty? 3 What can you do to improve the clan/yourself as a member of the Altar Clan? I'm still on a quest to get the clan active again. I've invited a few people off of discord in hopes of getting a live community going again. Any feedback you would like to share? Clan events, Clan events, Clan events! Have you read the How to Rank Up in Altar Clan thread? Yes Have you read the Altar Community rules and guidelines for the Altar Community Clan? Yes Have you joined the Altar Community Discord? Yes
  2. Your display name: Pudding Cups Have you achieved 50+ Activity Score on the House Host Tracker? Yes Have you been active in Altar FC Community for 2+ months? Yes Have you been active in Discord chat and/or voice? Yes Have you provided consistent and constructive feedback on other players' applications? Yes Have you recruited and/or assisted new hosts in using the House Host Tracker? Yes Have you helped others in chat, called open hosts, and understood efficient moderation techniques? Yes What interested you in wanting to become an Altar FC Community Sergeant? I feel as if I've been growing as a person since I've joined this community. I'd love to keep the forward trend going. What can you do to improve the clan/yourself as a member of the Altar FC Community? I want to be a mentor not only as a fellow Runescape player, but also as a person. Scenario Question: If you are witnessing a player arguing with other members within the community, how would you effectively tackle the situation? PM them both about taking the situation into PMs. It also depends on what the argument is about, as well. Some people cross the line so I think a harsher decision might be in order in that case. Please share any feedback you have. I think the community is doing great and we've been doing nothing but creating a great new home for players.
  3. 7. Please discuss any disputes in private message with a rank.
  4. So i've refused to join clans for several eons. I'm pretty much trying to figure out if i should rejoin Altar Clan and be a part of a community again. I know i'm an asshat a lot, but i want to be different. I never used to be this sour and mean. Any thoughts appreciated and accepted.
  5. I'm that guy who's been here for years and still hasn't done a damn thing. Nice to meet <3
  6. I'm trying to look for a new RSN that has Puddin/Pudding in it in some fashion. Right now my name is Pudding Cups Helperino a scrub pls
  7. i'll start American invades foreign land, kills local leadership, struggles to find exit strategy Wizard of OZ
  8. 10/10 Kodiak for President. Impeach Altar. Down with the system... along with those trees.
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