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  1. Respy here Just wanted to formally introduce myself as I recently got recruit rank in the FC. I'm Respy, been around 3-4 years on and off as a host in the altar FC. Used to be a greedy boy who was in it for the GP but I'm here to help the community whenever anyone needs help be that in the Fc or otherwise. My PM is always open when I'm online. Feel free to ask me anything or even just strike a conversation with me if you're lonely ^_^ Hope everyone had a great holiday season and will have a great new year!
  2. Considering hosting a giveaway once per week between 20-50m depending on how I did that week. Not promising everything, but the goal is roughly 1 per week as I like to give back to the community. Let me know your opinions
  3. Considering doing a 50m giveaway/drop party. I made a crap ton of money recently and wanted to give back especially because I haven't been capping at the citadel the past few weeks. Not set in stone yet, but let me know what you guys think about it. Give me some suggestions on times/items/methods of the giveaway/etc. Feel free to drop a comment or PM me in game "Respy"!
  4. https://gyazo.com/70b21595aa63eea58561dea138397caf https://gyazo.com/89f42c402fe833799c4c559e898c6712
  5. Hey everyone! Respy here! I started playing RuneScape back in '02, but just started playing again with a basically new account about a year ago. Not the best PvMer as I just don't care much for the EoC system. Having a lot of fun skilling mainly, and started hosting Guilded Altars about 2 months ago. Just recently left my old CC and will be officially joining the Altar CC as soon as my cooldown is over. Some other games I play include League of Legends and CounterStrike:Global Offensive. By no means am I a decent CS:GO player, but I was season 4 Challenger in League. I'm basically here to hang out and afk sometimes! Love the TeamSpeak so far and I must say I feel a lot more welcomed than I was expecting to feel. Thanks so much for all the welcomes. If anyone is interested in playing any MiniGames anytime (especially during Minigame Spotlight) I'd definitely be down! Pest Control, Stealing Creation, Great Orb Project, etc. I'd be up for all of them almost anytime I'm not hosting. Thanks again for all the big welcomes! Feel free to message me in game or otherwise whenever. I look forward to better getting to know you all! SIDE NOTE: 21-year old in my Senior year of College in Mechanical Engineering. Currently living in the outskirts of Denver. Big fan of sunsets and pretty faces. Single/somewhat broken-hearted from my last girlfriend. <-- Still sore, don't poke at me please
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