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  1. I do think (even without the activity score) he is a great rank. He does a lot to help people out in the cc and is good at moderating. Also, yes a pmod can't use scripts due to being a pmod. Which is understandable. I think he explained the host activity score well, due to being updated consistently by ranks who have adverts up makes it a little difficult to get the needed req. overall though I do think he should be able to rank-up even without the needed activity score. He makes up for it in other ways imo. He is extremely helpful with spam bots (which he can mute) and helping out player with the barrage of questions he receives just for being a pmod. I told Matt to apply for a rankup because i genuinely believe he deserves it, and he's a great player and friend.
  2. I am going to be MIA for around a 3days. I have some personal stuff to deal with. Just wanted to let you guys know.
  3. OK, so he meant "@rank" literally. I think it could be a good idea. I'll add it to mine.
  4. What do you mean by @rank? Mine currently looks like:
  5. This will be really helpful, I will add some once I get some sleep. Still can't sleep after 26 hours. I did make all the originals so it might take me a bit to think.
  6. Seems like a pretty good draft compared to the old one. Much more defined requirements for ranking up. I agree that the HHT activity score could be a little higher. I also like Some help in that regard would be nice.
  7. For this: I am working on adding more lines and some more customization. For host list and Advert script: I have a new version. I am just working out some bugs on my current version. I added a lot including the ability to only show verified hosts by changing a 'False' to a 'True'. The main issue I'm working on right now is what to do when the hosts line has more characters than RS allows. There is currently an issue when breaking the line into two lines. After I fix it I will update this thread. As well as make sure that all the hotkeys that now exist are listed.
  8. I will post the most up-to-date version of this soon, as well as clean the original thread. Show all new added features.
  9. One thing I could really use help with for our clan advertisers. If you could help with bonds for them every now and then they would run more often. I also got them to prioritize verified hosts so hosts from discord get priority
  10. Welcome! We hope you have a good time during your stay! Join our discord for more interaction with the clan. On the discord you can register as a host. Then our clan adverts will auto-magically advert you slightly. Along with all other listed hosts! I hope you have a wonderful time in the community. -Lusfr_
  11. Awesome, I think this will be a good thing. Should get moral up for ranks. And show people that we appreciate what they do for the clan. As well as show that we know and pay attention to them.
  12. I really do think we should start doin' this again..
  13. i have been working on updating them, they're a bit better but once i hit where i wanna imma re-release
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