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  1. dam fam, sorry to see you go, youre a good bloke, all the best! (hope to still see you around ingame)
  2. Thanks fams ill be living in Alberta for 6 months at least
  3. Hey fellas, just providing some notice, in under a month I'll be moving from Australia to Canada. Not only will this change my active timezone, but due to work I imagine I will be much less active. Thanks for the fun in the last year and a half. This isn't goodbye, just some warning
  4. dis 3 months old, but thanks for the replies
  5. I feel like this isn't as big of a problem any more (ignoring todays fun). The addition of Danysh and MrWeezy as kick ranks, really have helped the FC in off-peak hours Rarely now are there instances where no kick rank is online.
  6. Team: A Bosses I can kill: All except raids/Rots Bosses I am good at: All except Vorago (dont know all roles) and Telos (forever chasing Warden title) Bosses I want to learn about: Raids Rots Rago Telos up to 500% enrage Always happy to help teach any bosses to anyone
  7. +1 to banning the accounts as they come through or at least KOS, it might be a pain, but he's literally involved in the majority of the issues that come through the FC.
  8. Name: ExPureAment Date: 20/08/2016 Reason: He has been on the watch list since July. Returns to the chat every few days for nonsense flaming. Evidence: https://postimg.org/image/kw47tpwex/ (as well as what is on the FC watchlist already) Conclusion (optional): I believe ExPureAment should be permanently banned from the FC as temp bans are obviously not dissuading him. They appear to also be an 07 Player so perhaps an 07 ban might be useful also.
  9. If this thread isnt already Rank-only viewed, that might be a good idea, cos he mentioned a few days ago he'd been creeping on the website. mechiku hu - https://postimg.org/image/i9nk04ysp/
  10. This fella is persistent every day from about 14:00 - 18:00 for about the 5th day in a row. Name: SN0WBOARD, changed to "Too Noble" Date: 30/07/2016 Reason: He often is just looking to start fights, uses hateful language and above all continue his feud with "zfr" in the altar chat. Evidence: http://i.imgur.com/1iJEOPG.png http://i.imgur.com/i5KiW2R.png http://i.imgur.com/i4apJrB.png Conclusion (optional): I think a permanent ban for "Too Noble" would help reduce this nonsense from the FC more evidence that Weiss Schnee uploaded the other day (Too Noble had the username sn0wboard at the time) http://imgur.com/a/e8NUw
  11. Player 1 buys 5 hours of advertisement from Player 2 for 5m. P2 is also hosting and sets up an advert for P1 that runs at half the speed of his own. P2 wants to close and get a refund after 10 minutes. P1 refuses to turn off the adv, or refund. Who is in the wrong? xx
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