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  1. Neutral. Sully is very dedicated, hosts often and help people in chat from time to time. Unfortunately, I have to stay neutral here because of problematic situations that happened in chat and with other hosts in the past. I'm sure Sully will be up to the job in the future, but a little time to work on some aspect of his interaction with other community members can't hurt. I would gladly +1 a future app after seeing slight improvements. Keep up the good work Sully.
  2. Not dead but people are mostly on discord nowadays. The forums are used less frequently.
  3. I already discussed the issue with you and you agreed to lay low and try to work on all of this. Let's wait some time and let everybody cool a little bit. Then, we'll be able to discuss the matter and adjust accordingly. I'm more than happy to discuss the matter with you later, being as impartial as possible. I'll be honest with you as I've always been: It's not always black and white. It's not easy to deal with some situations and everybody reacts differently. We cannot like everyone and not everyone will like us, it is human nature. As a community, we have to learn to live and respect one another. To be fair, we always prefer to take said discussions to private to avoid making "public drama" so others don't interfere in a situation that isn't their concern. There are always ways to settle our different without problems by talking to each other calmly in private. Trust me, for now, it is better for everyone to just let time do its thing.
  4. Sup everybody, Just wanted to let you know that I have updated the runescape wiki to add Taverley as a relevant place where altars are being hosted. Only Yanille was stated before so I changed it since it seems like people are slowly trying to move there. (https://runescape.wiki/w/Gilded_altar / https://runescape.wiki/w/Pay-to-play_Prayer_training) EDIT: Officially removed Yanille as part of the meta. No longer relevant. R.I.P Yanille : 2006-2019
  5. Let's make it short and sweet. Group Ironman Mode is on its way, who's with me on this? Registrer your interest on this thread. Sexy AltarMan Mode participants: Troii (He's retarded but still h0t) Magiq (I didn't ask him but he's into doing group stuff with me.) Waffle (We need a young fella for the group stuff that magiq is into.) If you're not into group ironman, you're a little bitch.
  6. Forgot about this thing. Making a thread to support advertisers and I just don't support at all. Who's hosting the advs at the moment?
  7. I've had to deal with him multiple time. He's been annoying to hosts for a while, not quite sure if he deserves a ban since I never had any "big issue" with him. It's your call. Last time I've had a problem with him, he got banned from nahoo's house for being quite rude and immature. After talking to him and nahoo, nahoo decided to unban him and since than no issue to report.
  8. 40 What do you mean! I can count.
  9. I'll be honest here. I like the fact that your thread has to be verified before being available to everyone but I don't like the fact that replies have to go through the same process. It removes the legitimacy of other people vouching. Responses shouldn't be anonymous. If you can't give your honest opinion about someone without being anonymous, you really shouldn't give your opinion at all. I'll go with the flow for now. I may be wrong, who knows ;)
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