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  1. Glad we finally have some set standards for ranks. A1
  2. Looking for a hot single Altar to bury your bone? “07 altar” yikes
  3. l0lno
  4. I could become a kick rank in Altar if needed. I was previously, but it got revoked due to being absent for ~7 months. Only if needed
  5. I disagree with banning him. He is NOT responsible for most of the spammer accounts. I do know he used to spam with alts, but has not done so in months. He is extremely active in both the clan and the TeamSpeak, and while he may not be the most liked person in the clan, me and a lot of other ranks/regulars are good friends with him. While he may troll occasionally, He doesn't have 50 spammer accounts as Aristotle stated, and while I respect Becka, I don't think she should be able to get someone that's been in the clan for a year or more banned after coming back less than a week ago.
  6. If you add me in game I will gladly a q p you W
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