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  1. @Lusfr_ from my understanding he means if someone types in chat @rank it will be highlighted in the chat if you pre-set it on the runelite settings
  2. The time in between rankups will still be significant @Scuba Steev. In regards to the amount of activity score needed on the House Host Tracker that can still be up for discussion. Altar mentioned increasing the amount of points needed but I think it's a fine starting line in regards to a situation that might arise in the way you put it. I don't think there will be any real "competition" for points and I think there is enough for everyone to attain on their own times. 1 activity score = 1 command, so if you really think about it in like a 1.5 months/2 months time frame for a rankup from Helper to 3 bar, 50 should be pretty achievable at the very least imo.
  3. Yo ? Here are the proposed application/ranking changes for each individual rank-up. Please let us know your thoughts, concerns and suggestions. Note: Recruit and Corporal ranks would not be available in the current proposed iteration changes of the ranking system. Helper Rank (Smiley) Sergeant Rank (3 Bar - Kick Rank) Lieutenant (Bronze Star - Kick Rank) Captain (Silver Star - Kick Rank) General - (Gold Star - Kick Rank) Cannot be applied for. Not applicable
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    testing123: asdjkjsakljdkasklasjdkjsdklj yes yes yes
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    please post tests below.
  6. Updated as of 26/02/19.
  7. uhh yea lets go with that
  8. Very nice thread! Here is some more information as well ^.^
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