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  1. Hi guys, a lot of you have probably noticed but I've been extremely inactive lately. This is due mostly to the semester wrapping up and trying to focus as much as possible for my grades. It's very hard for me to play this game and focus mainly on school, I can't multitask very well Anyway, I will be active again approximately in a week or two time, around May 15th-ISH
  2. Hello guys, the OSRS Competition will be starting approx. 23:59 for UK time tonight, and will be ending exactly 1 week from that. The competition will be over EHP gained in one week. It will be tracked using Crystalmathlabs. The current prizes; 15M for 1st place 5M for 2nd place This is the list of people currently being enrolled into the competition so far: Quentin staged Dr Oz D a n t e Stay High MrGurn
  3. This event will start Monday and will be either woodcutting or thieving. I'll make a seperate thread soon
  4. I like the fact we added B0aty to relate to majority rs players, +1 to adding ice Poseidon since he started his career by trolling 07 Altar and he's actually really funny to watch
  5. 39 Now I know majority of u can't count lul
  6. No worries on anything cc related the main point is you let us know so we know for certain Hope you get well soon :c best of luck, hope everything goes smoothly
  7. I wish that was the case, but for many people they are going to say +1 based off of the friendship other than the work they are putting in. That was the main problem in 07 Altar while we were having fast-tracked rankups, I see anonymous posting working the best imo because you don't have the whole community judging something you say, or the person applying. That's all IMO that's why we're keeping 07 anonymous
  8. Also let me know if you ever need a bond, I can easily get them in Osrs
  9. I'll donate a bond I have in rs3 when I get on
  10. That would be cool if the reward was much bigger though, think that's why I'm just gonna stick to a 1 skill grind competition just trying to figure the skill
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