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  1. great you added a drawing people had sooooo much trouble understanding that shit
  2. gear means your favorite combat style/ runes you dont need food or anything like that unless you want to overload
  3. zed is the best champion in urf mode nuf said he is either pick or ban like thats it if it isnt picked its banned and is completely busteed
  4. honestly play champions that look exciting to you it works better get into league turn off all chat gets rid of some toxicness but honestly champs are different most of the time some people are really good at zed even tho he is a high skillcap champ and they are bad at others its honestly what your prefer to do
  5. i believe in you vengance so beautiful the ammount of money you will be giving me in this split
  6. this guy is a noob and needs to suck a wiener honestly i think this goo gobbler needs to lick a pole
  7. i like that you can do it with fishing that actually makes it possible for me atm
  8. honestly with minigames you can ask anyone in the clan and they can help if needed
  9. honestly i had no issues after like 10 minutes of loading the new client u just have to use it for awhile before it starts working well
  10. mike sucks at pking im pretty sure i beat him Kappa
  11. welcome to the forum master even tho i hate you
  12. here you go lil homie TOP DEFINITION Netflix and Chill It means that you are going to go over to your partners house and fuck with Netflix in the background. "Yeah we just watched Netflix and chilled." "Damn nigga how deep?" "Four knuckles deep" by Octopimpslap August 10, 2015
  13. the only reason why altar doesnt want this in the section it is is because he is on the losing end of the whole betting community #listentofriends #saynotodoubledown
  14. please dont be an april fools post im okay with this tbh this guy is a nussance
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