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  1. It's a -1 from me for several reasons: A - You should've applied for smiley, but instead skipped that application and applied for sergeant. B - Your activity score (32) isn't actually high enough for sergeant, despite answering yes to the question: "Have you achieved a 50+ Activity Score" C - Your attitude overall towards other players when they bother you. I agree you can be helpful to the average fc guest, but as soon as someone bothers you, or you find them annoying, you berate them nonstop in the fc until they leave. I've probably had upwards of 10 complaints about something you've said to someone in the past two months alone - from both randoms and from other ranks. When your RSN was OG Host, 3 people complained within two hours and I had to issue you two warnings, then went to lunch and found out Jess had to warn you as well. So all in all, I agree you are helpful calling out open hosts, and you are active in the chat, but you have a long ways to go before I would +1 a kick rank for you.
  2. +0, don't recognize your RSN at all. Will be on the lookout for you more in the future though and will be glad to give you a +1 once I see you a bit more active
  3. I second @FlutterSkye's request. For what it's worth - P E G Y D A is an alt of P E G I D A, who is already banned. That being said, if he just keeps making alts, we won't be able to ban all of them. But so long as he makes them blatantly obvious it's the same person (P E G I D A and P E G Y D A), I'd say he's close to KOS. In my mind it's one thing to be a troll, but when I never see the guy leave the lobby, you know he's just trying to use the FC as a tool to rile someone up
  4. You better stream me carrying you in Siege hahaha ?
  5. I'm neutral on this because while I think you are one of the better ranks in the fc, and sometimes I truly don't know when you sleep because it legit seems like you're always online, I'm not sure if you've been around long enough to warrant bronze star. I would definitely say you're headed in the right direction to get bronze star, but would like to see you get more experience before becoming a higher rank, as only two weeks ago you asked me if it was fine to kick someone and then said you didn't necessarily know when it was okay to kick or not. 1- From what I can tell, you were being admin hosted regularly up until about two and a half months ago, which is when I assume you joined the discord 2- You made "My Intro" only 5ish months ago and became recruit in mid-December. You were awarded 3 bar from the rank transition because as I said earlier, you are one of the better ranks. But the jump from 3 bar (Active 2 months) and bronze star (active 8+ months) doesn't seem to be met.
  6. No problem! That's what us accountants do
  7. I did some quick calculating for stats if we want to add them: For both RS3 and OSRS: If you were to bury dragon bones, from lvl 1-99 it would take you 181,034 dragon bones With a gilded altar + 2 lit burners, it takes 51,724. Which saves 129,310 dragon bones on the push to 99 prayer. For RS3 - since Frost bones are probably one of the most common methods: Burying bones from 1-99 would take 72,414 Gilded Altar + Incense Burners takes 20,690 without sips or auras Which saves 51,724 frost bones [Altar] Fc - Saving our members tens of thousands of bones, millions of GP, and dozens of hours!
  8. Just kind of playing off some popular brand slogans: Basic slogan: You've tried the rest - now try the best! Join [Altar] fc today! Something Amazon based: "Alexa, why is [Altar] fc the best for all my prayer needs?" Nike: [Altar] fc - Just Do It! Marines: The few, the proud, [Altar] fc McDonalds: [Altar] fc - I'm Loving It Disney: [Altar] fc - The Happiest Place on Earth ----- OR --- [Altar] fc - The Happiest Place in Runescape! KFC: Looking for prayer gains that are finger lickin' good? Join [Altar] fc! Tootsie Pop: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Join [Altar] fc! (PS, Purdue Univ found that it is 364 on average) - could also be more prayer based like "How many dragon bones does it take to get 99 prayer? Join [Altar] fc!" Porsche: [Altar] fc. Simply the best! GE: [Altar] fc - Imagination at work. All of these are just quick thoughts, but they could be tailored to better explain the fc is for all of your prayer/gilded altar needs.
  9. Ayyyy... Here's to a good 2018 and here's my pups wishing us a happy 2019 as well
  10. Definitely too many irl situations that could arise. And that would make hosting and rs become an "obligation" or chore when they've put themselves down to host but have something else come up. We could compile a list of times that certain hosts prefer to host, however, and see what gaps we have to fill. Like "I'm only on weekends from 12:00-6:00pm CST" or "I only host week days during the morning hours" and then take note of non-filled periods and do our best to make sure those periods are covered. All in all though, I'd say there's very few periods currently when there's not an fc host so that's a good sign.
  11. Welcome Miss Rebel! Good luck to you on Priff and happy hosting!
  12. Congrats on reaching your goal of becoming a host and welcome to Altar! If you ever need anything, feel free to reach out at anytime. Happy hosting
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