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  1. +1 I think you meet and exceed the requirements for one-bar, as you're helpful whenever you can be. That being said, if you wish to continue progressing through the ranks, I'd like to see you mature a little bit and learn to keep certain things out of the FC. Just because someone else is in the FC, doesn't mean that should always be your method of communicating something to them - private messages exist for a reason. And just like Emo said, sometimes you spam the chat with literal nonsense, which is a bit unbecoming of a rank. Example: Not even sure what you were talking about here, as it didn't pertain to the conversation that was happening in the fc at the time, but this is just one example of what seems to be a daily (or even sometimes hourly) occurrence when you're online. Perhaps this applies to both spamming the fc and needing to say things to people in PMs rather than the fc? I do appreciate your helpfulness in game and in discord, however, and think you have potential to be a good rank.
  2. Welcome to the community Marie - We're glad to have you around
  3. Glad to have you around Bobby! Carol Baskin killed her husband
  4. Who are you requesting to be Deranked? NurseJoyy What is this player's current rank? Recruit Based on the severity of their behavior, do you believe this player should be demoted one tier, have kick rank removed, or be deranked entirely? Deranked Entirely Global Rules - Which of the following Altar Community Rules do you believe this player has broken? None of the above. (Select this if this application is being filled out due to inactivity) If any of the above rules were selected, please elaborate and provide evidence as to how you believe the rule was broken. N/A Inactivity - Has this player been inactive for 4 months or more? Yes If yes, please state the last date you believe this rank was active. 01/01/18 Do you have any additional feedback you’d like to share regarding this rank's behavior in the community? Literally have no idea who this is, but they have zero activity on discord or forums. Not sure how they even became a rank, as I don't see any applications on their profile.
  5. To my knowledge, Snowy doesn't play much anymore because she's 5.4b total xp. She may become more active once archaeology becomes a thing but I agree that she's not an active rank and hasn't been for some time, although I wouldn't play either if I was 200m all skills. Either way, I'll +1 this as her discord and forum activity is basically non existent
  6. +1 - attempted to sell his account and was hacked in the process, then said bye and I haven't seen him since. Assuming he hasn't changed his password, but if he has, he seems to have wanted to quit RS by attempting to sell his account
  7. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Barrows/Strategies#Minimum low level https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=osrs+barrows+guide
  8. The Clan Cup starts on the 19th of August, and is based on RS3's newest update - the Land out of Time. The competition requires you to skin as many dinosaurs on Anachronia as fast you can in a one hour session. The person from our clan who skins the most dinosaurs in one hour will receive a bond. It's also worthwhile for our clan overall - as the 1st place clan will receive a 12% xp boost for all it's members for an entire month. Additionally, the winning clan receives permanent access to the Crystal Avatar. To win, Jagex takes your 10 highest performing clan mates and totals their dinosaurs skinned, and the clan with the highest overall total wins. If you need any advice of how to compete or any buffs that you can use in the clan, feel free to PM Law on Discord or on the forums. For more information on the clan cup itself, please see the following link: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/month-ahead-august#_ga=2.70399956.531184803.1564821545-593504118.1550744989
  9. Fun fact for you, oldschool runescape has fairy rings and spirit trees in their houses.. Rs3 does not. We got aquariums instead because you know, that's fair and equal and super useful. Either way, excited to have another host around and welcome to the community
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