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  1. No not from recruit.. He said "a reapplication section should be created".. We don't need a new section of re-applying, they can just RE-APPLY on the same applications we currently have
  2. Please god no.. Reapplication shouldn't be necessary.. They can just apply AGAIN for the normal application
  3. For those wishing for a step down deranking process for inactives, or a "rank decay", I can assure you it was thought of and discussed while I was creating the derank apps, but we chose to go with a full derank. Being deranked for inactivity does not diminish their past achievements, nor does it mean they can't get their rank back when they return. I've been organiser twice in the clan and bronze star twice in the FC, only to take a break both times and return to the game fully deranked myself. That being said, to -1 or remain neutral on the basis that you don't believe in a full derank seems like a double edged sword for someone like MsKiwi who has been bronze star in the FC before, but you all -1ed or remained neutral on her application for 3 bar because she didn't meet the HHT activity score requirement after taking a break to be with her newborn child. Maybe this is something management needs to discuss further in terms of fully deranking inactives, and perhaps we should allow inactive ranks who have been deranked to re-apply for their previous rank after 2-4 weeks of being active again? We understand there's times people choose to take breaks from the game, as it gets extremely boring and difficult to play all day every day. And I personally have no issue with allowing a deranked active to re-apply for their old rank/one step below when they return - however, for the time being, we have decided on the complete derank of inactives. Please see below for reasons we chose full derank for inactives and why I chose to +1 this application.
  4. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Barrows/Strategies#Minimum low level https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=osrs+barrows+guide
  5. +1 from me - I suggested Law fill out an application a while ago. He told me he wasn't interested in being a rank again, so I pushed a little harder and I'm definitely glad to see he's changed his mind. Very active in discord and in game and would make a great rank imo +1
  6. The Clan Cup starts on the 19th of August, and is based on RS3's newest update - the Land out of Time. The competition requires you to skin as many dinosaurs on Anachronia as fast you can in a one hour session. The person from our clan who skins the most dinosaurs in one hour will receive a bond. It's also worthwhile for our clan overall - as the 1st place clan will receive a 12% xp boost for all it's members for an entire month. Additionally, the winning clan receives permanent access to the Crystal Avatar. To win, Jagex takes your 10 highest performing clan mates and totals their dinosaurs skinned, and the clan with the highest overall total wins. If you need any advice of how to compete or any buffs that you can use in the clan, feel free to PM Law on Discord or on the forums. For more information on the clan cup itself, please see the following link: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/month-ahead-august#_ga=2.70399956.531184803.1564821545-593504118.1550744989
  7. Fun fact for you, oldschool runescape has fairy rings and spirit trees in their houses.. Rs3 does not. We got aquariums instead because you know, that's fair and equal and super useful. Either way, excited to have another host around and welcome to the community
  8. +1 I would argue his inactivity is more like December 2018 - he played maybe 3 days in Feb 2019, but I agree he's active then inactive, and the inactive portions are much larger than the active
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