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  1. To my knowledge, Snowy doesn't play much anymore because she's 5.4b total xp. She may become more active once archaeology becomes a thing but I agree that she's not an active rank and hasn't been for some time, although I wouldn't play either if I was 200m all skills. Either way, I'll +1 this as her discord and forum activity is basically non existent
  2. I've never commented on an 07 Altar application, but I feel like secretly plotting mass CC kicks kind of warrants one, especially from someone who was getting close to management, so -1
  3. @senpaibrad We're leaving this application open until the March meeting. You definitely still have time to prove us all wrong and I'll gladly change to a +1 if I see improvement. Always feel free to reach out to me or another rank if you have questions about moderating or anything and we'll all be more than willing to help you achieve your goal
  4. I think you're getting a hard time from everyone about the RWBY screenshots for no reason, and I don't think what you said/did to RWBY is overly damning in terms of you getting a rank. You came across as rude, but you do have the right to kick him as a host if you so please. Additionally, so far in all of the comments, I've seen you take responsibility for it, you didn't play the victim card like a lot of RS players would have, and you manned up and say you'll learn/grow from that. So when making this decision, I overlooked all of that, as you're only applying for 1 bar and you surpass the requirements by quite a bit. That being said, it's @Aetherin's last comment about your communications in discord that got me to go back through your recent messages and have to agree with him that you, more often than not, seem impatient and unwilling to give or take advice. I know sometimes it's hard to read the way a person is coming across through text, and maybe you're just messing around, but without knowing you better, I'm going to have to go with a -1 for now based solely off of that.
  5. +1 - attempted to sell his account and was hacked in the process, then said bye and I haven't seen him since. Assuming he hasn't changed his password, but if he has, he seems to have wanted to quit RS by attempting to sell his account
  6. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Barrows/Strategies#Minimum low level https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=osrs+barrows+guide
  7. The Clan Cup starts on the 19th of August, and is based on RS3's newest update - the Land out of Time. The competition requires you to skin as many dinosaurs on Anachronia as fast you can in a one hour session. The person from our clan who skins the most dinosaurs in one hour will receive a bond. It's also worthwhile for our clan overall - as the 1st place clan will receive a 12% xp boost for all it's members for an entire month. Additionally, the winning clan receives permanent access to the Crystal Avatar. To win, Jagex takes your 10 highest performing clan mates and totals their dinosaurs skinned, and the clan with the highest overall total wins. If you need any advice of how to compete or any buffs that you can use in the clan, feel free to PM Law on Discord or on the forums. For more information on the clan cup itself, please see the following link: https://secure.runescape.com/m=news/month-ahead-august#_ga=2.70399956.531184803.1564821545-593504118.1550744989
  8. Fun fact for you, oldschool runescape has fairy rings and spirit trees in their houses.. Rs3 does not. We got aquariums instead because you know, that's fair and equal and super useful. Either way, excited to have another host around and welcome to the community
  9. Altar Community Derank Applications Rules and Guidelines Please read the following guidelines before completing the derank application or commenting on any active application. Keep in mind that any abuse/trolling of the application system may lead to a BAN. Derank applications should be completed for legitimate and serious requests only, such as in the event that you believe a rank has broken one or more rules, is inactive, or is simply not living up to the standards we expect of our ranks/moderators. Under no circumstances should a derank application be filled out on the basis of disliking a rank or simply being angry with them. The derank applications are not meant for flaming each other, both in the application itself and in the comments. Constructive criticism should be your goal for every post within this section, explaining why you believe what a rank did was wrong, how it should have been handled, and what they need to do to if they wish to begin ranking up again. While things will more than likely get heated at some point in time, we hope you all understand the importance of being respectful towards one another and acting mature. If an argument forms in the comment section and begins to get out of hand, the thread will be locked and Management will make the final decision based on the discussion up to that point. Please also keep in mind that a member of Altar Management may reach out to you for more proof/evidence, so please be prepared to share additional context and/or screenshots. Additionally, if the nature of the rule breaking is deemed severe enough, Altar Management reserves the right to derank a player instantly and will forego the application process.
  10. You'll always be GIYP to me.. Welcome back to rs though broooooooooooooooo
  11. We're glad to have you around Katie. It was nice spending some time in discord with you yesterday and will hopefully see you around more. If you ever have a question or need anything, don't hesitate to reach out!
  12. We're glad to have you around Tony - never hesitate to reach out if you need anything or have any questions. Happy hosting
  13. You better stream me carrying you in Siege hahaha ?
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