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  1. Welcome to the community Marie - We're glad to have you around
  2. Glad to have you around Bobby! Carol Baskin killed her husband
  3. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Barrows/Strategies#Minimum low level https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=osrs+barrows+guide
  4. The Clan Cup starts on the 19th of August, and is based on RS3's newest update - the Land out of Time. The competition requires you to skin as many dinosaurs on Anachronia as fast you can in a one hour session. The person from our clan who skins the most dinosaurs in one hour will receive a bond. It's also worthwhile for our clan overall - as the 1st place clan will receive a 12% xp boost for all it's members for an entire month. Additionally, the winning clan receives permanent access to the Crystal Avatar. To win, Jagex takes your 10 highest performing clan mates and totals their dinosaurs s
  5. Fun fact for you, oldschool runescape has fairy rings and spirit trees in their houses.. Rs3 does not. We got aquariums instead because you know, that's fair and equal and super useful. Either way, excited to have another host around and welcome to the community
  6. Altar Community Derank Applications Rules and Guidelines Please read the following guidelines before completing the derank application or commenting on any active application. Keep in mind that any abuse/trolling of the application system may lead to a BAN. Derank applications should be completed for legitimate and serious requests only, such as in the event that you believe a rank has broken one or more rules, is inactive, or is simply not living up to the standards we expect of our ranks/moderators. Under no circumstances should a derank applica
  7. You'll always be GIYP to me.. Welcome back to rs though broooooooooooooooo
  8. We're glad to have you around Katie. It was nice spending some time in discord with you yesterday and will hopefully see you around more. If you ever have a question or need anything, don't hesitate to reach out!
  9. We're glad to have you around Tony - never hesitate to reach out if you need anything or have any questions. Happy hosting
  10. You better stream me carrying you in Siege hahaha ?
  11. No problem! That's what us accountants do
  12. I did some quick calculating for stats if we want to add them: For both RS3 and OSRS: If you were to bury dragon bones, from lvl 1-99 it would take you 181,034 dragon bones With a gilded altar + 2 lit burners, it takes 51,724. Which saves 129,310 dragon bones on the push to 99 prayer. For RS3 - since Frost bones are probably one of the most common methods: Burying bones from 1-99 would take 72,414 Gilded Altar + Incense Burners takes 20,690 without sips or auras Which saves 51,724 frost bones [Altar] Fc - Saving our members tens
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