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    Black, born and raised in san Francisco. I'm 26, been with this community since damn near the start of old school. I only play osrs, and enjoy making money. Kthx

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  1. Hopefully he'll reapply once active +1
  2. I know Wendies doesnt use the cc anymore. I still have her on my fl, but haven't seen her join the cc in over a year
  3. Juan is cool, Iiss the dude. I just hope he reapps if he returns.
  4. Easy +1 I agree with Rwby. I've seen nothing but positive things from shredder
  5. Dark is a friendly and active host who I think will make a nice addition to our ranks. +1
  6. I think he should just be deranked to a recruit for now, rather than derank entirely
  7. Heck yea +1 I'm sure everyone enjoys your presence here. You've been very helpful on discord, as usual, and I know you'll make a great kick rank with all the experience you have
  8. I'm just here to show some support. Really great event Jb87 & Of RWBY
  9. Thanks for your service King I'll definitely hit you up if I see anyone needing a runner
  10. "Feel free to join [07 Altar] cc if you need anything specific. Max hosts available"
  11. i personally loved using the docs, especially for recommendations. but oh well, rip.
  12. My th9 layout for the new update. I can start posting more layouts for different townhall levels for you guys
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