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    Black, born and raised in san Francisco. I'm 26, been with this community since damn near the start of old school. I only play osrs, and enjoy making money. Kthx

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  1. Areolas


    Hope you guys know kil has changed his name to contxt. If his main isnt in the cc, his alts are. I understand the time requirement too, so that's why I'm not going to push it. But I know him, and for him to work 50 hours a week and still have time to have his 3 alts advertise for us, (which again, we wouldnt be where we are if it wasnt for those who help us with advertising) and to have the top hht score that he has, I think that's something to consider. Being in the cc is cool and all, but theres a lot of work that has to be done outside the cc as well, which is just as important. I agree that the time hes been a smiley has been short, so yea. I hope Kil (Contxt) understands that we truly appreciate the work he does for us, and the dedication and passion he has towards our community. I just wanted to put that out there, and I suggest keeping this app up till the next ranking period, that way you'll be closer to the 2 month mark.
  2. Areolas


    Kil is probably our best smiley rank we have atm in terms of helping out the prayer community. He has had 2-3 adverts running in rimmington for the past month (which is by far impressive and underappreciated), fills in for hosts when needed, and moderates the discord chat very well. I've not been as active recently, so idk how he is in the game chat, but from what I've seen, I think he'd make a great 3 bar, and help continue to improve our community. Hes also been around the community since last year. Definitely +1 from me
  3. Easy +1. All around great dude, as stated above by everyone else
  4. Definitely think he deserves one. Helps out a lot on discord and fills in for hosts whenever its needed. +1
  5. I'm always in support of hosts getting smileys. I think you need to be a bit more active in the cc, like answering questions and whatnot, but I see the potential. +1
  6. Thanks for your service King I'll definitely hit you up if I see anyone needing a runner
  7. +1 definitely would make a solid rank. He hosts regularly and answers questions a lot in the cc. Just a nice and friendly person all around
  8. Anyone who is constantly willing to fill in for hosts is good with me. I've seen this person around the cc a lot and on discord, and usually contributes to the cc in a positive way. Probably needs to interact more with the other ranks/regulars, but I think isle will make a cool smiley rank
  9. You're definitely a great guy and an awesome rank. I spoke to Lusfr about the activity score issue, and I 100% understand. Also, it doesn't look good for a pmod to be controlling a bot :P. I hope you can at least help us recruit hosts into the cc, cuz it might be easier for you...with your status and all. Overall, I feel you deserve the promotion due to how well you moderate and control the cc. +1
  10. "Feel free to join [07 Altar] cc if you need anything specific. Max hosts available"
  11. i personally loved using the docs, especially for recommendations. but oh well, rip.
  12. My th9 layout for the new update. I can start posting more layouts for different townhall levels for you guys
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