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    Black, born and raised in san Francisco. I'm 26, been with this community since damn near the start of old school. I only play osrs, and enjoy making money. Kthx

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  1. +1 heck yea, glad to see you join the old school community
  2. +1 I'm always down to give hosts a rank. I just hope he tries to be a bit more active in the cc
  3. +1 I havent been as active recently, but I still always see rwby helping out and constantly trying to look for help. Great in the community, and I think he'd be a great star rank
  4. +1 met him for the first time today, and seems really solid. Great and consistent host
  5. You're doing great Frasion, and your app looks good, but we've had to deny other great ranks for not meeting the requirements unfortunately. I personally would like to see the required hht score before one applies for a rank up. And I know u said you'll be 2 weeks short of the time requirement by the next meeting, but we've had a recent problem with that too. I just think u should apply once you've at least met the hht score. Again, you're doing great so far, and I hope you continue on this path
  6. I really like and respect meno a lot. He puts in a lot of work behind the scenes that many of you guys aren't aware of. He advertises, helps out on discord a lot, but I understand where Guam is coming from. Just hitting the bare minimum requirement wont guarentee your promotion. But ima give him the +1. Hes a great guy and reminds me a lot of lusfr (in terms of the work he does behind the scene) +1 from me
  7. I'm just here to show some support. Really great event Jb87 & Of RWBY
  8. I personally havent seen much of you on discord or in the cc, but then again I have been pretty inactive this summer. I have seen you host a couple times tho. Ima stay neutral for now. Keep up the good work my man
  9. I'm always in support of hosts getting smileys. I think you need to be a bit more active in the cc, like answering questions and whatnot, but I see the potential. +1
  10. Thanks for your service King I'll definitely hit you up if I see anyone needing a runner
  11. "Feel free to join [07 Altar] cc if you need anything specific. Max hosts available"
  12. i personally loved using the docs, especially for recommendations. but oh well, rip.
  13. My th9 layout for the new update. I can start posting more layouts for different townhall levels for you guys
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