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    Black, born and raised in san Francisco. I'm 26, been with this community since damn near the start of old school. I only play osrs, and enjoy making money. Kthx

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  1. interesting of you to apply a day before rankups jk, rodo's a great guy and I've seen nothing but good things from him so far. +1
  2. +1 from me for how respectful and helpful he is in the cc. As far as the discord text message count, I'm sure you can achieve that by the time the next meeting comes around.
  3. I'm just here to show some support. Really great event Jb87 & Of RWBY
  4. Thanks for your service King I'll definitely hit you up if I see anyone needing a runner
  5. "Feel free to join [07 Altar] cc if you need anything specific. Max hosts available"
  6. i personally loved using the docs, especially for recommendations. but oh well, rip.
  7. My th9 layout for the new update. I can start posting more layouts for different townhall levels for you guys
  8. nice you can also just type it out in here, but either way works
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