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  1. Hi yurple! I just wanted to post a bit of positivity real quick here for ya, as no one wants to see all the -1s on their first app. I just wanted to say dont let this discourage you at all! Most of us have gone through a similar process, and it can definitely suck but if you keep going at it I assure you everyone's minds will change! Good luck!
  2. I need my badge changed, I am unfortunately no longer in the RS3 clan.
  3. Hello, I'd like to formally re-apply for Website Admin since there isn't a spot for it. Name: Emo Hobo Why do you want it: Because I was the 2nd website admin and I'm sad I'm not one anymore. When do you want it: Now What is this post: Me saying hello to all of my old friends from Altar, I miss all of you and I hope you're doing well!
  4. well if this isnt spam idk what is yo
  5. The dark deed you have requested is fulfilled.
  6. Hello everyone! With the end of our second week of Skilling Competitions, I'm proud to announce this weeks winners! *Side Note, prizes have increased in value due to them not seeming "appetizing" enough* 1st Place - Absedy - 10M 2nd Place - Reading List - 5M 3rd Place - Kimasillo - 2.5M Congratulations to this weeks winners! Refer to this link for the weekly skilling competition thread!
  7. You may post your ideas for a new week on this thread! No poll necessary!
  8. UPDATE: Week 1 has completed! Please refer here for results!
  9. Hello everyone! With the end of our first week of Skilling Competitions, I'm proud to announce this weeks winners! *Side Note, thanks to a generous donation from Sir Luxord, we are able to pay out prizes to 2nd and 3rd place! Give him a thanks!* 1st Place - Dinhomanzato - 5M 2nd Place - Prayer Angel - 2.5M 3rd Place - Galactose - 1M Congratulations to this weeks winners! Refer to this link for the weekly skilling competition thread!
  10. Hi guys, unfortunately due to events out of my control I won't be on for several days. A power surge knocked out my TV and my Modem, and they're completely fried. Comcast said they can't send a technician out until i have a working TV because they're going to also fix the cable box that fried, and i'd have to pay an extra $60 to have them come out a 2nd time in the future. Hopefully I'll get a new TV once i get a reimbursement check for my TV..... Until then, please don't forget about the weekly skilling competitions.. Have a good few days to weeks w/o me
  11. Hello fellow clan members! We will be having Weekly Skilling Competitions that have a prize pool. Every week, there will be a random skill! As soon as the competition ends, a new one will start! Note: If you bot during these skilling competitions, you will be disqualified from the current competition and possibly future competitions. PRIZES First place wins 5M! Second place wins 2.5M! Third place wins 1M! SCHEDULED SKILLS Woodcutting Dungeoneering Summoning Overall Thieving Fletching Woodcutting Agility Farming Construction Runecrafting Hunter Divination Crafting Ranged Slayer Invention Magic Herblore Smithing Fishing Mining Overall (due to DXP Weekend) Prayer Cooking Firemaking Refer to this link to check on competition status, and upcoming competitions. If you have any skill suggestions or would like to help contribute to the prize pool, either drop a reply here or message any organiser+ and we'll get it sorted! Thanks to all, and Happy Scapin! PS We have increased our payout for the prizes. With this increase, we also grudgingly hope people may be able to contribute towards the prize pot. As of right now, Warrior is personally paying for the prizes. It's absolutely not required of you, but if you feel you have a little extra coin in your pocket and want to contribute towards this event and others, let us know! We greatly appreciate it!
  12. True unfortunately The person below me has feet that smell oddly of cheese
  13. Mfw he doesnt mention me even though i've done extensive hours on the testing of this </3
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