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  1. Makes sense to me now that we moved smileys to 1 bar
  2. +1 Meno didn't get rankup last meeting but with him returning next week I think he would make a great bronze star
  3. +1 I've seen Chaddie around quite a bit and has been hosting on the tracker a ton (has 1 day 15 hours host time), and was previously unaware of the cc. Great candidate for a rankup
  4. Posted without my consent AKA I feel violated. JK but really I think this is true that a full derank is something that is necessary for players who are inactive. I think if a player returns and would like their previous rank back then that is something that could be up for discussion as a community when the time comes and should be dealt with on a case by case basis. I think that will give us a lot of flexibility in making desicions, make our current ranks have more value and meaning, and simplify the derank process so we aren't always trying to keep tabs on someones decay timer.
  5. - Altar FC & 07 Altar CC Rules - 1. Do not call names for open hosts in the chat who are not in the chat themselves. The exception to this rule is if no other hosts are open in the chat. 2. When hosting please remain in the chat at all times to ensure you are advertised properly and to avoid confusion. 3. Only call out a host name in the chat when someone is asking for a house. Assuming it is not spammed, the exceptions to this rule are: If they are the only host in the chat. If all host names are being called out to provide a non-competitive environment. 4. No begging or asking for donations in the chat. If you are a host, please avoid all donation discussion while your house is open. 5. Limit advertising bone running, lighters, & advertisement services to once every 3 minutes in the chat unless a specific service is requested from another player. 6. There is no "Best Host". All hosts in the eyes of the FC/CC are equals. 7. Please discuss any disputes in private message with a rank. 8. Altar FC/07 Altar CC ranks are NOT obligated to investigate ANY trust trading, item scamming, bone running or advertising dispute. Ranks may request screenshots and investigate under their own discretion. 9. Altar FC/07 Altar CC ranks strive to moderate fairly at all times in the community with the information they have (sometimes limited). At the end of the day, we are all human beings and our intention is to kick as a last resort. Being kicked from the chat is usually due to breaking one or more of the CC/FC rules and is pretty self explanatory, but mistakes happen. If you feel that a kick is not justified, please contact a high rank or mod/admin via Discord PM.
  6. Really good I'll make sure to add some in the next revision of the advert that's created
  7. I like a lot of these I'll make sure to add them to the list!
  8. We collectively have 150+ ranks!!! Wow!
  9. This in theory would be much better for determining the consistency of a player on the tracker and would be more effective in the long run. The only issue would be finding an effective way to determine those stat averages which we don't have the functionality for yet. Maybe in the future
  10. off to a great start LOL i'm going to start adding a bunch now so maybe it'll give others some ideas
  11. Hello all, Thought it would be fun if we all collaborated on cool things the adverts could say when advertising. Since we have the functionality of setting how often a particular line shows up we can also create advert lines that will only show up once in a blue moon or very frequently. Please post all of your awesome advert line ideas below! They can be serious, informative, funny, quirky but let's keep them appropriate for something an advertiser would say to grab peoples attention. I will compile them all into a list in this post GOGOGO! List: Informational: Need a G Altar? Join [ Altar ] Friends Chat! / Need a G Altar? Join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat! [ Altar ] Friends Chat - Always active always friendly [ Altar ] / [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat - Always active always friendly [ 07 Altar ] Join [ Altar ] Friends Chat for the best in the prayer community! / Join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat for the best in the prayer community! Join "Altar" Friends Chat for all your hosting needs! / Join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat for all your hosting needs! Are you a host? Add your name to our list via the Discord tracker! Join our discord! discord.gg/93k68sm Tired of looking for a host? Join "Altar" Friends Chat! / Tired of looking for a host? Join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat! Want to receive free advertising? Join our discord! Need an altar to train at? Join [ Altar ] Friends Chat! / Need an altar to train at? Join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat! Funny (Each line could show up only 1% of the time): You will become more attractive by joining [ Altar ] Friends Chat! / You will become more attractive by joining [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat! Legends say that joining [ Altar ] Friends Chat increases your drop rate! Jk! / Legends say that joining [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat increases your drop rate! Jk! I saved money on my glider insurance by switching to [ Altar ] Friends Chat! / I saved money on my glider insurance by switching to [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat! Stop!!! Join [ Altar ] Friends Chat immediately! Trust me!!! / Stop!!! Join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat immediately! Trust me!!! Bwuk Bwuk Bwuk! Join [ Altar ] Friends Chat! Bwuk Bwuk Bwuk! / Bwuk Bwuk Bwuk! Join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat! Woah! I found the best Friends Chat in history! [ Altar ] Friends Chat! / Woah! I found the best Friends Chat in history! [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat! Hey hosts! The discord tracker is pretty cool! You should check it out! If I wasn't in [ Altar ] Friends Chat I would probably work at Blockbuster. / If I wasn't in [ 07 Altar ] CLan Chat I would probably work at Blockbuster. Are you a cute noob? Join [ Altar ] Friends chat to be saved! / Are you a cute noob? Join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat to be saved! Is this [ Altar ] Friends Chat? "No, this is Patrick." / Is this [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat? "No, this is Patrick." Nieve would want you to join [ Altar ] Friends Chat. / Nieve would want you to join [ 07 Altar ] Clan Chat.
  12. Hello guys! I just wanted to make a quick announcement that our ranking changes are almost complete and ready to be rolled out into our live environment. We're currently going through all of the ranks with the altar management team and are getting close to completion. One huge thing to keep in mind; After these ranking changes are complete if there are any questions/concerns that you have about the placement of your rank or it's status PLEASE REACH OUT TO EITHER MYSELF/MAGIQ/WARRIOR/TIFY/SCUBA STEEV/JALAMANTA/SUBLIME. We would like this transition to be as smooth as possible. There will inevitably be an uncomfortable period as we all get used to the new system and there will absolutely be issues to fix. So please don't be alarmed if something is set in the way you are not expecting. I'll keep everyone posted with more updates EDIT: I will be removing all current and outstanding applications.
  13. Right off the bat we're getting input that the activity scores should be higher, thanks guys
  14. Hello there everybody! It's time (once again) for another one of those "Yikes! Look at all the time we spent being unproductive this year!" posts. We have made a significant amount of changes this year and will be continuing to do so throughout 2019 and beyond! But not to infinity, that's too long. Of course the most significant implementation that's been made this year is the house host tracker. With mixed emotions/opinions the house host tracker is live and operational. The data is being actively pushed to our website/forums from the discord as well as integrated into advert scripts thanks to @Lusfr_ and @Im Dakota. Thanks yall! And of course, thanks to all of YOU for being so consistent with keeping it up to date. I am aware of others concerns with the tracker and am trying to address them to the best of my ability. But for now I believe that it's important to understand that this tracker is essentially in the Alpha stages. It's not even fully designed yet. With that being said please bare with me as we try to change our ranking structure and rules for ranks to maintain the tracker in the most fair and effective manner. But until all of these changes come, let's reflect on our 2018 accomplishments: - 20k+ views on the OSRS prayer training guide made by @Warrior. This is amazing! - We effectively doubled our discord users since the tracker went live. Holy moly! I guess this tracker thing does work! - Magiq somehow cleared olm as a level 79... All by himself. - With the assistance of good guy @Magiq we were able to assist in getting the gilded altar burner plugin implemented into RuneLite! Now that is truly magiqal! - I got into Elite Smash on the new super smash bros game! Oh wait... I should probably be playing RuneScape shouldn't I? - Our website now has fully integrated SEO and pretty damn good page ranking for prayer-related searches. This really helps tie our whole ecosystem together for hassle-free and hands-off recruitment/playerflow. - We have adverts at the portal that fetch our host data! This has been a huge positive change for us until Jagex can get rid of all the spam (Don't get your hopes up). Thanks especially to @Lusfr_, @Im Dakota, @King Capone and recently @Tify for running these adverts in RS3 and OSRS respectively. - New application and donation system on the forums are so awesome I feel like cutting a mountain in half. Ribbit "I am not yet satisfied, what do we have planned for 2019?" Good question non-existent person! (let's just call him my "Altar" ego "goteeeeem") and here is what we've got planned so far for 2019: - We will be moving from Discord back to Ventrilo. In my opinion Discord is just way too free and easy to use. Gotta keep things challenging for ourselves. (EDIT: This was a joke for those who thought I was being serious heheh) - The Host Tracker will at some point be considered "Beta". This will be the point where all features and implementations are complete and we can consider this a tool to heavily rely on. - Ranking structure is going to be completely redone in order to simplify users roles in the community and to better convey their significance and responsibility in the community. This will be quite a large change for all of us. We will be reaching out for input in the near future! Our rank up process is awesome but the roles themselves as well as our process for removing inactive ranks needs to be overhauled in order to mesh better with our current environment. - Server migration; our server is becoming "end of life" and we are going to need to move our entire infrastructure to a new server. This will be an incredibly painful process and there will be some type of downtime. We will hopefully figure out a way to keep the tracker running while that occurs. Thanks to everyone in the community that plays a part in MAGA (Make Altar Great Again, name checks out). This community wouldn't exist without you and damn I'm gonna make myself cry again. We are the best gaming community in the universe. Don't let anybody tell you different. If it wasn't for us RuneScape would be DEAD. That's factual. Let's make the best of 2019 and see what it has in-store for us
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