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  1. - Altar FC & 07 Altar CC Rules - 1. Do not call names for open hosts in the chat who are not in the chat themselves. The exception to this rule is if no other hosts are open in the chat. 2. When hosting please remain in the chat at all times to ensure you are advertised properly and to avoid confusion. 3. Only call out a host name in the chat when someone is asking for a house. Assuming it is not spammed, the exceptions to this rule are: If they are the only host in the chat. If all host names are being called out to provide a non-competitive environment. 4. No begging or asking for donations in the chat. If you are a host, please avoid all donation discussion while your house is open. 5. Limit advertising bone running, lighters, & advertisement services to once every 3 minutes in the chat unless a specific service is requested from another player. 6. There is no "Best Host". All hosts in the eyes of the FC/CC are equals. 7. Please discuss any disputes in private message with a rank. 8. Altar FC/07 Altar CC ranks are NOT obligated to investigate ANY trust trading, item scamming, bone running or advertising dispute. Ranks may request screenshots and investigate under their own discretion. 9. Altar FC/07 Altar CC ranks strive to moderate fairly at all times in the community with the information they have (sometimes limited). At the end of the day, we are all human beings and our intention is to kick as a last resort. Being kicked from the chat is usually due to breaking one or more of the CC/FC rules and is pretty self explanatory, but mistakes happen. If you feel that a kick is not justified, please contact a high rank or mod/admin via Discord PM.
  2. Altar


    Although I think Gooble will one day be able to work toward becoming a rank, he is very much so not ready for one right now. Please read over the Global Rules and keep improving! -1
  3. I've looked at all the opinions of what others have had to say and I agree with most of them, including almost everything you're saying here. You can call it fake democracy I guess but IMO it's more or less as fair as I think that I can make it without leaving a lot of area for abuse. I try to be hands off with most of the rank applications as does Magiq/Warrior for that very reason. One thing I can say is that I'm glad you think the ranking system was set up fine. But wouldn't you agree that one of the things that would make the system far worse is if we didn't adhere to the current requirements that are in place? I think that the hurdle of getting the tracker score is what makes it look like it's measured so much more strongly then others. There are people here that'll tell you that the tracker score isn't a big deal too (coincidentally the people who would say that it's not a big deal will most likely have a higher tracker score and vise versa). We really need more requirements that can be verified and recorded though, that's for sure. There are a few ideas I have and I want to get input from others on that as well. I'll talk more about that at our community meeting this Saturday. The +1 -1 thing was never meant to be a tallyed voting system and I think we need to clarify more on that. That would be an impossible feat to measure especially if you're factoring in if the people voting are ranked, unranked, smiley vs bronze star etc... It's really just a system for the community to voice their support for someone (FeelsGoodMan) or to give their opinion. Ultimately myself/warrior/magiq have to approve or deny an application based on what we think is best, let's not pretend that doesn't exist. We're hoping to be able to give more of these higher level administrator functions to other high ranked staff soon though. It's actually pretty rare when there is heavy disagreement like this with rankups. Hopefully that means that the system is at least somewhat functional. These are good discussions however and I hope we all continue to have them as a community, they will really help bring us together and move forward.
  4. Well to be fair I don't think you took your own original comment seriously but nonetheless I got your message
  5. Right. That's because I'm not very active on OSRS at the moment. That doesn't really change my community activity in general though. Thanks for joining the forums btw
  6. I'm online every single day man. I live and breathe this community and have basically dedicated all my free time to it, sad or not. I never once disputed that b0w wasn't active in the cc nor have I discredited anything that anyone else has said. In fact I agree with most of it. But none of that changes the new ranking structure and what's required to get a rank up. Also I find it pretty insulting that you say that it's not fair for me to voice my opinion. There are so many other communities and cc's out there where the only person involved in giving ranks is the owner and nobody else and we have tried very hard to create a system that's fair and that everyone can voice their opinion on. Yet you say that it's not fair that I can vote. I don't think that my opinion is any more valuable then yours deadscare but for you to say that mine isn't valued just doesn't seem right. Also this ranking system has always worked this way. We aren't voting like a strawpoll and going with whatever has the most +1's versus -1's. That would be a system that is clearly abuse-able. The +1 -1 system is to see what the community thinks of a rankup and to give their opinions on whether it's good to go through vs not. Obviously most of the time the communities opinions are going to be similar... But when they aren't you really shouldn't try to fight against that. You say that I'm siding with Jala as if I'm unable to think for myself or have my own opinion as well. This is exactly the mindset that is becoming a problem. It's not about choosing a side it's about saying what you think and what you feel. And if we're going to be in a community where peoples opinions are getting shut down just because they aren't in line with the rest of the herd then there is something seriously wrong. Like I said there are people who don't want to -1 ppls apps because of that exact reason. I think we need to break that mentality. Just as you and others can talk more to what they see with b0w in the cc I can talk to what I see from my perspective as well. For you to say that I have to listen to the community and can't voice my own opinion and that "the community has spoken" is ridiculous and I think a silver star rank should have better ideals then that.
  7. I don't think you should stop at all, I appreciate that you even post on the forums at all. I was just simply showing a pattern that I saw. This doesn't have any negative effect on you as an individual... The only thing I was trying to shed some light on is that reoccuring theme of the same group of friends +1ing the same ppls apps doesn't necessarily look good on the actual ranks that are doing it. I've said before that I take every comment to heart. I know that everyone has a different outlook on these scenarios and it's important to see things from others perspective and put yourself in other peoples shoes. For example, from a lot of the people giving +1 to this app I understand that they're in the trenches and dealing with the day to day issues of being in a cc, getting asked the same questions over and over again, dealing with interpersonal conflicts, so on and so forth. But from my perspective and others as well we want the silver star rank to have a much higher meaning then it used to and we don't quite think b0w has hit that point yet. Also of course there is the tracker requirement when i've beaten to death which from a logical standpoint would stop him from ranking up regardless of who +1's or -1's the apps.
  8. Being a rank of course matters but that doesn't mean that you opinion is invalid. I was just pointing out the obvious pattern of ppl who +1 eachothers apps.
  9. Inactive ranks and ranks who aren't doing what they should be doing have been an issue we've been trying to fix for awhile now. I've talked about it many times in the meetings we've had, in announcements on discord and in threads that I've made on the forums. What we're waiting to do is finalize our derank applications which I'm sure you understand is bit of a touchy subject. A lot of what we're doing is a work in progress and we have limited resources to work with. Silver star ranks are intentionally sparse and that'll be the theme with those ranks going forward. There is plenty of communication given on these things and if you ever have any questions on something you're unclear of you can always send me a pm to get clarification. That is something that I make sure to mention on a regular basis. Even with others opinions completely out of the picture b0w does not meet the requirement for even the rank he has now. I'm not sure why this is so controversial.
  10. Yeah I agree with that completely. There is still a lot of work to do in terms of the ranking system. We definitely need to give much more direction on exactly what it takes to become a rank. This is why we originally removed 1/2bars from the ranking system so we could be more direct with giving people rankup requirements. This is still for a sure a work in progress. I've for sure got a lot of value from the comments that have been made on this thread and this will for sure be looked into. We already have some more ideas for being able to record users activity (there is a statbot in discord that we are planning to utilize) and there are a lot of other thoughts popping up in my head on what exactly would benefit us in terms of rank requirements). Silver star is especially vague in terms of what we're looking for in a rank and that surely needs to be revised. This discourse will certainly help with that. It's not an easy task to create a fault-less ranking system but with conversations like this I think we have gotten much closer to getting to that vision. I don't sense any hostility from your comments and your wording was very respectful which helps as I do take all of these comments to heart.
  11. I appreciate all of the comments guys but this has brought something a little more concerning to my attention which is that a select group of people don't seem to allow others to voice their own opinion during rank-ups. I see a common reoccurring theme of the same people giving +1's exclusively to their friends (like Ricky who isn't even longer a rank, 2007 who made a brand new forum account just to make his post???????, and Gentle1 among others). It really ruins the credibility of the entire group and throws a ranking process based on fairness out of the window which is disappointing... Especially because a lot of these +1's could be sincere. I've already been told by a few people that they they disagree with G0t ur B0w getting silver star but didn't feel comfortable giving the -1 which is of course concerning and I can kind of see why. I don't want to devalue G0t ur B0w's accomplishments in the community as it's something that we all can never repay him for but even looking at things from a base, simplistic level. G0t ur B0w has his bronze star rank before we implemented the new ranking system which now has a 150+ tracker score requirement. G0t ur B0w will always be able to keep that rank (it could be considered as being grandfathered in) but I don't think progressing past that rank at this point would be fair. As Gentle1 also stated we do have several silver star ranks with low activity (much lower then g0t ur b0w) which is an issue that we're looking to resolve as well. But we can't compare what we want the future to look like based on what already exists. It was also stated that his activity shows to be higher in crystalmathlabs then other silver stars. I don't quite think that someones in-game playtime is what Jala was referring to in terms of activity or else Ricky would be a gold star ;). Being online and being active in the community are two very different things. Playing OSRS a lot allows one to be in the CC on a regular basis but with the evolution of the community the CC has become much less of a priority then it used to be. We need to see much more then just being active in the cc, moderating and giving others advice in the cc. In my opinion g0t ur b0w isn't quite there in terms of getting a silver star. Here is why: Tracker Score: Some may disagree about the tracker score requirement but with the new ranking system that's how it's going to be. Having some leniency this these requirements makes sense but imo it would make sense if they were close to reaching the goal for the rank they're applying for. In this scenario he doesn't have the reqs for the rank that he even currently has. Discord: g0t ur b0w is active in the cc, and I can see the theme of ranks here stating his willingness to moderate and assist others in the cc. This is great and I dont want to devalue those accomplishments like I said before but a silver star rank within the new ranking system needs to be very well rounded and this goes back to his pking trips. From my perspective it looks like those pking trips are simply a group of friends going out to pk. These events aren't broadcasted in the discord whatsoever. Is it just a group of friends going to pk? Maybe not... But that's my perception when looking at it from a bird's eye view. I'd also like to see more general activity in Discord from g0t ur b0w as well. Forums: G0t ur b0w isn't as active within the forums then I'd like to see. G0t ur b0w uses the forums more then others for sure and I am certainly satisfied that he is maintaining his current rank with that forum activity... But he even states himself that he hasn't been very active lately in general. As someone looking to approve senior members into management I'm typically looking for an upswing in activity or some initiative in branching out to become a more well rounded rank... And not a decline. The other big factor is that g0t ur b0w (in my opinion) isn't going above and beyond to what we would like a silver star to be. Moderating the cc and giving others advice on a regular basis is something that is to be expected from any rank... And I don't think g0t ur b0w has enough diversity in the community yet to warrant a rankup. With a bit of work I'd be happy to give g0t ur b0w a silver star but as things stand right now simply based on requirements. -1 from me and even with that being said I still would approve this application if the tracker requirements were actually met despite not agreeing with it.
  12. Yeah it's not a requirement as I stated earlier: I'm just trying to tweak the applications I didn't know why you checked the advertiser portion because I wasn't aware that you advertised. But of course there was a bit of confusion there. If it was a "requirement" then the application wouldn't have let you proceed without having it checked but as far as I know it shouldn't do that. Let me know if there is something wrong there.
  13. Yeah there is definitely a misunderstanding on the second condition there as it's actually referring to portal advertising and not just calling out hosts when asked in the cc or updating the tracker. I'm gonna have to think of a way to reword that and I can now see where the confusion is coming from When doing these pk trips and other community led events I think having the visibility in the announcements channel on discord or something similar would be awesome. I'm not sure if they're already being broadcasted within the osrs channel as well but if not that would be pretty essential and would give much more of a community impact.
  14. You stated in the application that you've done the following: Were these two conditions actually met? It's okay if you didn't but I'm just curious why these were selected.
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