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  1. Welcome back to the community! I think I recognize that name Hiroari ?
  2. Ethereum is a ponzi scheme don't listen to him.
  3. Really good I'll make sure to add some in the next revision of the advert that's created
  4. I like a lot of these I'll make sure to add them to the list!
  5. We collectively have 150+ ranks!!! Wow!
  6. This in theory would be much better for determining the consistency of a player on the tracker and would be more effective in the long run. The only issue would be finding an effective way to determine those stat averages which we don't have the functionality for yet. Maybe in the future
  7. off to a great start LOL i'm going to start adding a bunch now so maybe it'll give others some ideas
  8. Hello all, Thought it would be fun if we all collaborated on cool things the adverts could say when advertising. Since we have the functionality of setting how often a particular line shows up we can also create advert lines that will only show up once in a blue moon or very frequently. Please post all of your awesome advert line ideas below! They can be serious, informative, funny, quirky but let's keep them appropriate for something an advertiser would say to grab peoples attention. I will compile them all into a list in this post GOGOGO! List: Informational: Need a G Altar?
  9. Hello guys! I just wanted to make a quick announcement that our ranking changes are almost complete and ready to be rolled out into our live environment. We're currently going through all of the ranks with the altar management team and are getting close to completion. One huge thing to keep in mind; After these ranking changes are complete if there are any questions/concerns that you have about the placement of your rank or it's status PLEASE REACH OUT TO EITHER MYSELF/MAGIQ/WARRIOR/TIFY/SCUBA STEEV/JALAMANTA/SUBLIME. We would like this transition to be as smooth as possible. There
  10. Right off the bat we're getting input that the activity scores should be higher, thanks guys
  11. Hello there everybody! It's time (once again) for another one of those "Yikes! Look at all the time we spent being unproductive this year!" posts. We have made a significant amount of changes this year and will be continuing to do so throughout 2019 and beyond! But not to infinity, that's too long. Of course the most significant implementation that's been made this year is the house host tracker. With mixed emotions/opinions the house host tracker is live and operational. The data is being actively pushed to our website/forums from the discord as well as integrated into advert
  12. Altar

    Hello rs3 :)

    +1 good work so far
  13. Would be an awesome idea if someone could program it ?
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