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Donation Goal - October 2020

Server upkeep is expensive. This goal will ensure that we can upkeep our current environment and provide the best community experience for everyone.

  • 09/10/19
  • 2 Donations

15.00 USD of 50.00 USD


  1. 5.00 USD
  2. 10.00 USD

  • Donation Goals

    New Server Hardware

    Hello Altar Community, As a lot of you probably know, we're experiencing some difficulties with our server. In order to rectify some of the issues we have and to also futureproof our equipment we are looking to upgrade our router & firewall and purchase more solid state storage. We humbly are asking for your help! Any donators will get a role in discord to show they are a supporter and donations over $20 will get their own private voice channel.

    215.00 USD of 500.00 USD Donate Now
  • Donation Stats

    • Total Donors
    • Total Donations
      215.00 USD
    • Total Goals
      500.00 USD
    • Still Needed
      285.00 USD
    • 43%
      215.00 USD of 500.00 USD
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